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Hey Guys.

I was just thinking about an idea for a scenario for President Forever + Primaries. It involves an Australian Republic, where the Presidential system is similar to the one in the United States. Primaries for all the Political Parties (Liberals, ALP, Nationals, Greens), the whole lot and consequently the General Election.

I'll use the same default issues as in the original 80soft scenario, though I shall elaborate on them further. And add in more positions as well, not just the traditional 5 positions.

As for the candidates you ask, here's a list that I created off the top of my head:


- Brendan Nelson (NSW)

- Malcolm Turnbull (NSW)

- Peter Costello (VIC)

- Alexander Downer (SA)

- Julie Bishop (WA)


Australian Labor Party

- Kevin Rudd (QLD)

- Julia Gillard (VIC)

- Stephen Smith (WA)


Help would be appreciated as well :)

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Being an Australian Political animal I am so in.

I don't think that any of the monarchists would run, such as Downer.

Glad to have you on board :)

About Downer, I was just throwing out some names, I do think that Nelson, Turnbull, Abbott and Bishop should run though.

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I'd at least like to see a "fantasy" option with Howard (at the very least) and Latham. Also, you might consider putting some Nationals in on the Liberal side under their banner (I presume that the Nationals would run jointly with the Liberals unless Sir Joh crawls out of his grave and runs on his own).

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