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Virginia 2009

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Bold Font Indicates The Candidate Is Already Running


Lieutenant Governor William T. "Bill" Bolling

Attorney General Robert F. "Bob" McDonnell

Rep. Rob Wittman

Rep. Virgil Goode

Rep. Eric Cantor

Rep. Tom Davis

Gov. Jim Gilmore

St. Rep. Richard H. "Dick" Black

Frm. Sen. George Allen

Frm. Atty. Gen. Jerry Kilgore

St. Rep. Anne Crockett-Stark

St. Rep. Chris Saxman

St. Sen. Jill Holtzman Vogel

Frm. St. Sen. Jeannemarie Devolites Davis

St. Sen. Russ Potts

Frm. Lt. Gov. John Henry Hager (Jenna Bush just married his son)


Rep. Bobby Scott

Rep. Frederick C. "Rick" Boucher

Frm. Rep. Leslie Larkin Byrne

St. Rep. Onzlee Ware

St. Sen. Chap Peterson

First Lady Anne Holton

Rep. Lewis F. Payne, Jr.

St. Sen. R. Creigh Deeds

St. Sen. Brian J. Moran

Frm. Sen. Charles Robb

Frm. Lt. Gov. Don Beyer


Chairman William Redpath

Independent Green

Gail Parker


St. Rep. Lacey Putney

St. Rep. Watkins Abbitt, Jr.

Frm. Gov. Douglas Wilder

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