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Uruguay Elections 2009

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i'm working on making my country's presidential elections due november 2009. i know it is a really exotic secnario from a really small and unimportant contry in south america, however, i think you guys may be able to help me with some truoble i'm having.

to start with, i'll present the scenario. in 2004 uruguay saw the Frente Amplio -a coalition between the socialists, the communists, the christian democrats and some liberals- win the presidential elections for the firts time ever. after four years of leftist experiments, the people will have to choose if it wants the FA incumbents to continue in government. The main contenders are the Blancos -a conservative party whith deep roots in the catholic countryside-, and the Colorados -a traditionally liberal party that is becoming more conservative in the last decades and who governed the country threw out the XX century-. Each party has several primaries candidates representing the different tendencies within them. Two minor parties will also take part in the elections: the far-left revolutionary Asamblea Popular -a breakaway fraction of the Frente Amplio-, and the centrist Partido Independiente.

I would love to show you some images to illustrate how i'm working, but i'm not subscribed to any image hosting site.

I'm having some techincal difficulties and i was wondering if anyone could give me a hand. The scenario cannot round past the first turn and a sign that says "Acces violation at adress 0050F171 in module 'p4e.exe'. Read of adress 00000000". Does anyone know what this means? in that case, what can i do about this? it is extremely frustrating not to be able to test the scenario i'm working on.

if anyone wants images, or the scenario to be e-mailed i would be more than willing to send it. i appreciate any comments, sugentions or questions.

cheers, Gabriel.

PS. english is not my mother tongue, take this into account if you find any misspell.

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here go some inages -although i haven't figured out how to post them-. as you will see the last time is an error window, please tell me if you have ever seen it and what i can do about it.






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