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2008-Multi Parties

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I've seen many posts about multi party scenarios, but none of these have ever come to fruition. But now i have decided to create this new scenario that essentially puts all of these together. In this alternate history, the Supreme Court broke up the major parties after FDR's four consecutive terms. Now the Liberal, Labor, Socialist-Green, Conservative, United America, Falangist, and Libertarian parties all battle for control. Here is a list of the American Presidents after FDR.

1948:Harry Truman-Alben Barkley (Liberal) defeat Thomas Dewey-Earl Warren (United America), Strom Thurmond-Fielding Wright (Dixiecrat), Henry Wallace-Glen Taylor (Progressive), Robert Taft-Richard Russell (Conservative)

1952: Dwight Eisenhower-Richard Nixon (United America) defeat Adlai Stevenson-John Sparkaman (Liberal) and Estes Kafauvner-Hubert Humphrey (Labor)

1956: Dwight Eisenhower-Richard Nixon (United America) defeat Adlai Stevenson-Estes Kafauvner (Liberal-Labor)

1960: John Kennedy-Lyndon Johnson (Liberal) defeat Richard Nixon-Henry Cabot Lodge (United America) and Harry Byrd

1964: Lyndon Johnson-Herbert Humphrey (Liberal-Labor) defeat Barry Goldwater-William Miller (Conservative) and Nelson Rockefeller-Henry Cabot Lodge (United America)

1968: Richard Nixon-Spiro Agnew (United America) defeat Hubert Humphrey-Ed Muskie (Labor), Eugene McCarthy-George McGovern (Liberal), George Wallace-Curtis LeMay (American Independent), Ronald Reagan-Winthrop Rockefeller (Conservative)

1972: Richard Nixon-Spiro Agnew (United America) defeat George McGovern-Sargent Shriver (Liberal) and Ed Muskie-George Wallace (Labor)

1976: Jimmy Carter-Walter Mondale (Liberal) defeat Gerald Ford-Robert Dole (United America) and Ronald Reagen-Richard Schweiker (Conservative)

1980: Ronald Reagan-George Bush (Conservative-United America) defeat Jimmy Carter-Walter Mondale (Liberal) and John Anderson-Patrick Lucey (Independent)

1984: Ronald Reagan-George Bush (Conservative-United America) defeat Walter Mondale-Geraldine Ferraro (Liberal) and Gary Hart-John Glenn (Labor)

1988: George Bush-Dan Quayle (United America) defeat Michael Dukakis-Lloyd Bentsen (Liberal-Third Way) and Dick Gephardt-Jesse Jackson (Labor)

1992: Bill Clinton-Al Gore (Third Way (Liberal Supported) defeat George Bush-Dan Quayle (United America) and Ross Perot-James Stockdale (Labor)

1996: Bill Clinton-Al Gore (Third Way (Liberal Supported) defeat Robert Dole-Jack Kemp (United America) and Ross Perot-Jeffrey Choate (Labor) and Phil Gramm-Pat Robertson (Conservative)

2000: George Bush-Dick Cheney (Conservative) defeat Al Gore-Joe Lieberman (Third Way (Liberal Supported), Ralph Nader-Winona LaDuke (Socialist-Green)

2004: George Bush-Dick Cheney (Conservative) defeat John Kerry-John Edwards (Labor), Howard Dean-Wesley Clark (Liberal), and Ralph Nader-David Cobb (Socialist-Green)

So that's where it stands. Any help would be appreciated.

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