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Two new ideas

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I've come up with two new ideas for scenarios.

1. Theres been alot bout Reverend Wright this week. Lots of famous Pastors over the years have run for president. Most either far to the left or far to the right. What if we took some of them and had an electin with them. Have Liberal Pastors and Conservative Pastors and pit them against each other.

2. This is for the baseball fans out there. Its 2009 and Bud Seligs term as commisioner of the MLB expires. Instead of just picking one the Owners decide to have an election of all the fans. We can make each state with a team a politicial unit and EVs can be # of teams plus WS rings. The parties can be the Traditionalists (purists/conservatives) and the reformists. Issues can be Steroids, the DH rule, interleague play, and Sabermetrics.

Anyone interested in helping with either of these. The first one is what I'd most likely make first.

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