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London - 2008

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Its coming!

All 10 parties

Regions divided into boroughs, i will use local council election results as the general guide to voting patterns.

The tories had a fullscale open primary

Labour selected their candidate internally (so i guess i could use caucuses)

Lib Dems and Greens held internal Closed Primaries

The rest, who cares!

Candidates all sorted

Issues to include

10p Tax

Gordon Brown's Government

Congestion Carge



London Underground

London Olympics 2012

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Here are some candidates and links:

British National Party

• Richard Barnbrook

UK Independence

• Gerard Batten

• James Whale


• Siân Berry

• Shahrar Ali

• Shane Collins

• Katie Dawson

• Terry McGrenera

Christian Peoples

• Alan Craig

Left List

• Lindsey German

• George Galloway


• Boris Johnson

• Victoria Borwick

• Andrew Boff

• Warwick Lightfoot

• Richard Barnes

• Nicholas Boles

• Lee Rotherham

• Steven Norris

• Nick Ferrari

• Lurline Champagnie

• Winston McKenzie

• Mike Read

• Tom Conti

• John Bird

• Dominic Schofield

• Greg Dyke

• Mark Field


• Ken Livingstone

• Nicky Gavron

• Oona King

• Jennette Arnold

• Val Shawcross

• Len Duvall

• Margaret Hodge

• Martin Linton

• Stephen Twigg


• Winston McKenzie

English Democrats

• Matt O’Connor

• Garry Bushell

Liberal Democrat

• Brian Paddick

• Greg Dyke

• Simon Hughes

• Chamali Fernando

• Fiyaz Mughal

• Lynne Featherstone

One London Party

• Damian Hockney




Since there are a lot of candidates, I suggest you include the MP's (especially Oona King and Lynne Featherstone). I listed as well as the candidates that ran in the "primaries". The links above are very helpful.

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Important issues (in London and in the 1st of May local elections):

-The NHS


-The Multiethnic vs. Integration question

-Illegal Immigration and Asleum Seekers

-Relation with the European Union (especially for the UKIP and the BNP)

-Heathrow Airport Expansion (Boris Johnson is against)

-The CCTV cameras in London

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