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Tennessee Gubernatorial - 2010

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Tennessee Gubernatorial - 2010


Harold Ford

Bill Purcell

Lincoln Davis

John Tanner

Steve Cohen

Kim McMillan


Bill Frist

Zach Wamp

Jim Bryson

Marsha Blackburn

David Davis.

Issues need to be done

Endorsers also

Tennessee is a complicated map, because it is long and thin, i am using 5 "zoom in" boxes like my other scenarios, but the main map is still a little crowded.

Im also using for the first time, a zoom in box of Shelby County that divides up Memphis and the couty region. In the main map, all you can see is Shelby, and in the zoom in box, shelby county and memphis

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Just some more candidates...


Robert E. Cooper, Jr.

Phil Bredesen (Just for fun)

Rosalind Kurita (Could run her as a dem/rep/ind)

Bob Clement

Nikki Tinker

Bob Tuke

Ned McWherter

Al Gore

Marilyn Lloyd

Willie W. Herenton

Karl Dean


Beth Halteman Harwell

Bill Haslam

Ronald Ramsey

Donald K. Sundquist

Bob Corker

Lamar Alexander

Ed Bryant

Van Hilleary

Fred Thompson

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