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That's a website with all parties platforms. I don't think that the fedralists or Democratic-Republicans ever realesed offical platforms.

Here's a portion of the Democratic Republican Entery on HistoryChannel.com:

"... The philosophy of the Democratic-Republican party, also known as Jeffersonian Democracy, favored rural, agricultural interests, strong states' rights, and strict construction (that is, interpretation) of the U.S. Constitution. Democratic-Republicans upheld the legitimacy of the French Revolution and opposed close ties with England."

And here's another quote from Historychannel.com about Fedralist Policies:

"American political party of the late 18th and early 19th centuries. It originated in the groups advocating the creation of a stronger national government after 1781...

And a qoute from http://www.britannica.com/eb/article-90339...deralist-Party:

"early U.S. national political party, which advocated a strong central government and held power from 1789 to 1801. The term federalist was first used in 1787 to describe the supporters of the newly written Constitution, who emphasized the federal character of the proposed Union."

And finally there political ideaoligies acording to wikipedia:

"Federalism, Protectionism, Nationalism, Classical Conservatism, Centralism"

Just wondering, are you making a scenario using these classic parties.

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I think I'm fine on the canditates. Its the positions and the numbers that got me confused. I've got all the canditaes set up for the three minor parties and will do the dems and GOP soon.

For the D-Rs i got: Jefferson, Madison, Quincy Adams and Monroe.

For the Feds I got Washington and Adama

For the whigs i got. Tyler, Taylor and Fillmore.

So basically all the presidents they ever had - Harrison who only served a month. The VEEPs are the past veeps and the crusaders are members of their cabinet. I've narrowed down the list for the GOP and Dems and will start on it tomorrow. Most canditates I've done so far are socially conservative (IE pro life, against gay marriage, against envriomentalism). Forien and Economic policy was mostly based on their policy at the time. And all are pro gun. But really since most issues weren't around back then I just guessed.

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From what I remember of American history, the Federalists would be left on social policy and right on foreign policy, and vice versa for the Democratic Republicans. As for the economy, the Federalists were for big government but also pro-business, so I'm not sure how you'd model that.

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I considered the second idea but decided against it. As for the numbers, Lincon and Reagan are probably gonna be the big players on the GOP side. With FDR and JFK leading the demos. I'll make it so everyone has a chance to win. As for the general. Basic red b;ue states with the Whigs and DRs a little behind. I might make the feds compeittive in the 13 conony states and again all five parties will have a chance to pick up votes. I'll start with the early states and do them in order. The DRs and Whigs primaries are the same as the Libertarian and Constitions dates and the feds are similar but the 13 colonies are 2 months ahead. Again this is my first scenario so don't expect it to be perfect. And yes Abe you can start on the positions.

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All primary data is done for the big two parties. Should have the other three done tonight. Reagan is slightly ahead in the GOP race while the dems is a tossup between JFK and FDR. Nixon and LBJ are both stronger than I anticipated. All I need is the platforms.

Edit: Almost done. Just need the platforms tweaked and maybe add a few more crusaders.

Edit 2: Space barred through primaries first time. Everyone on the GOP side targets Reagan and he loses all his 'mo. he came in 2nd behind Ike and ahead of Nixon and Lincoln. I had to up some canditates integrity cause there were too many scandals. On the Dems FDR pulled ahead of JFK while wilson surged and almost won. All third party processes are very competitive since its PR. I'm sure once someone with more experience in scenarios looks at they'll probably see alot wrong with it but I like what I did.

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