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Penn - 2010

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Here is my suggested list of candidates:


Luke Ravenstahl

Josh Shapiro

Mark Singel

Dan Onorato

Jack Wagner

Barbara Hafer

Don Cunningham

Tom Knox

Catherine Baker Knoll

Bob Bradyyy

Chaka Fattah

Jason Altmire

Allyson Schwartz

Chris Doherty

Mike Gerber

Lynne M. Abraham

Valerie McDonald Roberts

John Morganelli

John Street

Robin L. Wiessmann

T.J. Rooney

Kaija L. Farber

John B. Callahan

James Delgrosso


Al Taubenberger

Jeff Piccola

Mark DeSantis

Tom Corbett

Sam Katz

Melissa Hart

Robert Gleason, Jr.

Meg Holland

Pat Meehan

Scott Petri

Dennis M. O’Brien

Lisa Baker

Stewart Greenleaf

John M. Perzel

John Pippy

Rick Santorum

Jim Gerlach

Mark Schweiker

Bill Scranton

Lynn Swann

Pat Toomey


Kate Michelman

Russ Diamond


Carl Romanelli

Mathew Ash

Marakay Rogers

Michael Morrill


Hagan Smith

James N. Clymer


Tony Oliva

Kenneth V. Krawchuk

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Here are some Pennsylvania PACs:

Conservative PACs:

Pennsylvania Rifle and Pistol Association

Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation

Constitution Party of Pennsylvania

Liberal PACs:

Central PA Teamsters

Teamsters Local 115 (Philadelphia)

Teamsters Local 250 (Pittsburgh)

Pennsylvania League of Conservation Voters

Hope this helps

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the gods have seriously conspired against me.

Having almost finished the scenario, with little more than a few details like unit political centres left to do...

my hard drive packed in, and im back to the drawing board. This happened last time i completed issue centres the last time i tried.

PA - 2010 is a little far off than i would have hoped. Sorry guys and gals.


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