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if you want any of senerios Iv'e just done

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and I'll send you an advance copy ;o)

no spam please, deal?

new scenerios:

2008 The Wedge - the rived "Bull Moose" Progressives try to unify the USA

2008 Blue Moon - a disterous 2nd Bush term makes the Dems nominee the favorite

2008 Red Down - a trimphant 2nd Bush term makes the Reps nominee the favorite

2000 1.15 - never before posted

1972 Post Revolution - hippies have taken over the government!

1956/The Manchurian Candidate - a "twofer" play it as Ike v. Adlai II or try and stop the Red Menace....


1952 1.15

1972 1.15

1976 1.15

1988 1.15

one at a time please, I'm on an AOL server now so......

let me know at:


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