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Louisiana gubernatorial 2007

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Now, before the needless complaints come in about accuracy and the fact that there isnt a jungle primary, tough luck, you cant do it with the game.

I replaced it with straight primaries, and the general is much tougher than the results, considering Jindal would face a united democratic field.

The pictures are for demonstration only, Jindal is the only rep on by default, as Boasso and Campbell for the Dems.




Feedback as always please...


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I love it, however, I am quite disappointed not to see John Georges in this. He got a huge portion of the vote.


I was finally able to spend some quality time with the scenario. I'm glad you kept Blanco, Breaux ,and Landrieu as options, because anyone of them vs Jindal would have made the real election much more interesting ;).

As a longtime Louisiana political buff, congratulations on a great scenario!!!


B.C. Jones

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