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Oregon Senate 2008

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Hi, I'm working on my first scenario; the current US Senate Race in Oregon. I'm not emailing this to anyone yet. A few pics:




Candidates (off by default in italics):


Jeff Merkley

Steve Novick

Peter Defazio

Earl Blumenauer

John Kitzhaber


Gordon Smith

Bill Sizemore


John Frohnmayer

For the pictures, I should note that in the Democratic primary, what counties each candidate is ahead in varies from game to game because they are very close in every one. There wasn't any early polls in the race, so it's more of an educated guess than anything else. As for the Republicans, it's pretty consistent, I went back and looked at how they've performed in previous primaries.

I only have a little bit left to do; I need to wrap up the endorsers, add a few minor parties (Pacific Green and Libertarian probably), and then do some balancing work.

I was wondering if anyone had some suggestions for how I could balance out my primaries. Right now, the Republican primary starts out as a tie, but inevitably the entire state turns to Gordon Smith country and he wins with around 2/3 of the vote over Sizemore. Meanwhile, it's much the same on the Democratic side; it starts out as a tie but Merkley always wins, but with ~80% of the vote and it's only a matter of a few turns before he's winning by large margins. However, when all of the optional Democratic candidates are on, any candidate can win, and I can win as Novick or Sizemore if I play as them, but when they are computer controlled, they always lose. Any ideas?

Also, I need another issue or two if people have some ideas. And if people know of good minor party candidates, I'm all ears. Thanks.

Again, no emails. I will release it when it's ready.

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That's a good point: I probably will end up adding Neville as a default candidate, though it will be exceedingly difficult for her to win. As for the undecideds, they are pretty high, but the poll that Sarnstrom mentions put the undecideds at 40% a week ago, let alone in October, so I think it's pretty accurate.

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