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McCain Senatorial Seat

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I'd love to see this scenario. You didn't really say what to do, so I'll put my email Matty1019@yahoo.com

Also, here are some potential candidates:


Barbara Barrett

Tim Bee

Jan Brewer

Jeff Flake

JD Hayworth

Jim Kolbe

Mary Peters

John Shadegg

Fife Symington

Andrew Thomas

Grant Woods

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L4U, this is what we call a dead scenario, there was not input put in and no final product posted, of course, I thought Arthur Green was a real person.

You mean Arthur Green from my 2016 speculative scenario? No, he's quite fictitious. I stated as such early in the thread, and even used an actor for his portrait.

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Yeah I know that, you really can't tell it's martin sheen because the picture is so small. That said, I have know excuse for not seeing the word "Ficitious." By the way, I tend to have a good head, American Dream can attest to that.

But yeah, this scenario is dead.

I will vouch for him, hahaha :)

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