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District 14 Texas

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Yes, I'm develping a scenario of Ron Paul's seat in Texas District 14. If I could get any population figures for all the areas of the district, that would be most helpful. Also, Issues don't seem to be a problem but, I would like to know some local issues from that district if possible.

Beta version ought to be done in 3 days, no more than a week. Post your e-mails and I'll send it ASAP and I'll upload the complete version on rapidshare later on.

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Do you have the Almanac of American Politics 2008? It gives a great deal of info about the district, which would obviously be helpful. I do have said book, so if you need any help just email me at hcallega@yahoo.com

Also, if you don't need any help can you please email me at the above email address?

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