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1956 and/or The Manchurian Candidate

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not a very interesting electoral map, but I could add Sen. John Yertes Iselen as the Republican Nominee (alt. Ike) and Adlai as the Dem., w/ two Scenerio Blurbs - one for 1956 itself (yawner) and one for The Manchurian Candidate and two scenerio pix (you'd have to swap them out yourselves, of course, as well as the scenerio names)

issues would be about the same as '52, excpet adding China, Nuclear Testing and the Draft and taking out the Korean War and couple others


might also add a third party into the Manchurian Scenerio, under the theory that Major Marco and the Military know Iselen's true intent and may attempt to divide the GOP vote to aid Steveson, some right wing nutter type?

Also maybe a Seven Days in May scenerio, or a Best Man scenerio, Fail Safe etc...

I don't know, I'm bored

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like I said I'm bored

what I'm thinking is you'd play the Third Party and you whole goal would be to prevent Iselen from winning, not winning youself. The elctoral map is solid Red anyway in 1956, pretty much - I could do two electoral_trends folders, one for plain 1956, and one w/ the third party in it.


doesn't take too long to do these things, as long as I don't re-do all the issue_images (which I am wont to do)

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been fiddling and decided to kinda combine Manchurian Canidate and 7 days n May

Sen. Iselin is the GOP nominee, Sen. Jordan Lyman is the Dem, and General James M. Scott is the "American Party" trying to undermine Iselin

(alternate candidates Ike v. Stevenson - 1956)

so, if Scott is successful and helps Lyman get elected, it will set up his run in 4 yrs against him, eh? and a sequel for me to occupy my time with when there is nothing else to do


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The Manchurian Candidate:

A sinister Communist plot has propelled their man to the GOP Presidential nomination. Can a courageous General rouse America from its slumber and save the nation for Democracy or will the Communists succeed in the greatest coup in history?

Senator John Iselin:

The assassination of the President at the GOP convention gave the nomination to Iselin. A paid Communist agent, he hopes to ride the wave of national outrage to the White House and further his masters plans to destroy the USA.

Senator Jordan Lyman:

Totally unaware of the plot against America, Lyman is running on an agenda of practical liberalism.

General James M. Scott:

Unable to convince military intelligence or the CIA of the plot against the country, General Scott threw his hat in and hopes to undermine Senator Iselin's lead in the polls and save America from an unimagnible Red nightmare.

Iselin starts with 354 or so electoral votes

idea is to play Scott and attack and attack Iselin and erode his support

its not all that easy to do, barely got Lyman elected 276-255 by scraping NY

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anyone played this one (except those I emailed it too, ya'll too though)

did you like the idea?

trying to come up w/ an idea for a Seven Days in May scenerio (if you haven't seen the movie which you should! - President Jordan Lyman has signed a nuclear disarmament treaty w/ the USSR and the Senate ratified it. However, many Americans are not in favor of it and their champion is Gen. James Matoon Scott, the JOS Chairman. Scott has plotted a coup to take over the White House.......)

Not sure how to set it up yet, any idea be appreciated

ta B)

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