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Map Making!

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Good Lord is there anywhere on this site to teach some one how to do maps!

I found a great map of Illinois with all the counties. I when in and got it for fit on the playing page for the map! I also outlined it with a black line just like it said until the creating you own map section! I can not get the map to work when I pick a point I can not just pick on a county it pick all the counties and they all turn RED!

Why and How do I fix this! Once I have a map I can roll out Illinois campaigns on a monthly bases!

I want to do a governor race with primaries!!!

If some one could help me with the map! How do you get the grid lines to work where you can pick just one county!


Big Democrat

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You need to make sure that the lines are completely solid. If you're using MSPaint to make the map, zoom in to get a closer look. One thing I do whenever I have a map that I copy from the internet is go over all the lines myself in paint with one of the larger brushes so that the lines are all solid and bold.

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