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New York State 2010

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National data

Political Units

Party Primary Data

Most issues (bar some refinements)


David Paterson

Andrew Cuomo

Chuck Shumer

Thomas Suozzi


Joe Bruno

Vito Fossella

Rick Lazio

John Spencer

Rudy G


I will release 2010 along with a 2006 version featuring Spitzer before the fall.

Please add any info, requests etc that you want



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I'm from NY, so I'll help out.

First and forth most, add Micheal Bloomberg, you may turn him off, however polls show him beating Spitzer in a landslide [ before the sex scandal ]. While it might be a little less with Paterson, not much.


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if you can think of any big NY issues tha should be included, that would be great

Well I know that for the 2006 gubernatorial campaign some big issues were: property taxes, funding for education, stem cell research and balancing the budget. For the 2010 gubernatorial campaign the Spitzer scandal might play a role during the campaign. For Paterson however I do know that his two biggest issues are balancing the budget and stem cell research. If I think of anything else I'll let you know.

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How about Bloomberg for the Independence Party? I read an article online by Robert Novak suggesting it as a possibility - http://www.realclearpolitics.com/articles/..._bloomberg.html.

If Bloomberg were to run it would be mostly likely as an independent not as a member of the Independence Party. Bloomberg's status and recognition in New York State is so high that he wouldn't even need a party affliation to get elected to the governor's mansion.

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Real interesting article on Paterson in the New York Times today, and Washington Post yesterday.


Paterson never really wanted to be governor, he has his eye on a Senate seat if and when one opens up. He directed money towards a hospital his wife worked for while at the same time issued guidelines for Senate Democrats warning them not to steer money towards organizations their family members worked for.

So in terms of scenario design I would say turn Paterson off by default and make him scandal prone.

Here's the article- http://www.nytimes.com/2008/03/16/nyregion/16paterson.html

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almost done. just working through endorsers and tweaking a little.

I keep on getting the same wierd thing happening.

All through the primaries, the dems run on about 45%, with the reps trailing at around 25% or so. Then, on the first non primary polling day, WHAM! the reps get as much as a 15% increase, and makes the race VERY competative.

any ideas?

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Perhaps do what 2008 Gold does, eliminate undecided and just make less committed voters to simulate the undecided. Frankly it's more realistic then 2008's simulation of undecideds.

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