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James Bond  

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  1. 1. Should James Bond be banned from asking for three year old scenarios?

    • Yes
    • No

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This is getting very old, but it seems that James Bond continues to asking for scenarios that haven't been sent out in years. This is getting very annoying. Tony-Is it possible to ban him? This is really bothering me. Because when James Bond asks for three year old scenarios, everyone else asks as well. I will put up a poll in which users can vote on whether to ban him. But as we know, Tony has the power. Unless he can explain himself, I will continue to bring this up.

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I haven't been here long but at least I know not to go to page 30 and bump a 3 year old thread. Why can't we just delete them so he can't get to them. If not he doesn't seem to be learning to ban him.

I don't feel deleting them would be a good option, just in case someone came back that was making a scenario.

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It depends. If he continues to do it after we ask him not too over and over again; yes he should be. If he stops - he should not. I think that making some of the active forum members moderators of the boards would stop this problem because they could lock the threads as they come up. This is if TheorySpark trusts members not to delete threads because of personal grudges.

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I agree, it's infuriating but I vote no for the ban. I think maybe the problem is that we're not explaining the problem/solution to him well enough. Someone needs to get him on MSN Messenger or Gchat or something and go step by step with him-

1) Look at the date on top of the page

2) Before 2007?

3) Go the P4E 2004 scenario page

4) etc

If everything is explained out for him and he still bumps posts then I say ban him. He does make a valid point though, banning him will turn him off of TheorySpark products and TheorySpark probably isn't going to want to do that.

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