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Just give me this plus the other stuff if you want to create a character for the scenario.




Constituency: (feel free to make up your own name)

Brief Bio:

Attributes: (26 pts) Leadership, Int, Exp, Issue Familiarity, Debating, Stamina, Charisma






Alexandria Forums



White 45%

Mixed 30%

Black 13%

Iztec and Malan'je 10%

Asian or Other 2%

Languages Spoken





Malan'je (native group prevalent throughout Cyberia, Cyberland, and other Caribbean micronations- they were used as slaves for the Iztecs, and became collaborators with the Spanish)


Asunción (mostly agricultural and rural campesinoprovince)

Baudrix (cosmopolitan, urban, and friendly province)

Bolívar (agricultural heartland of the nation)

Bourbon (suburban province known for its mansions)

Corvocado (secluded "crown jewel" of the nation)

Galatia (tourist industry capital)

Geneva (capital city)

Greater Edgardia ("new city", gentry-friendly, built recently in a futuristic style)

Ibelin (home of winemaking, mining, and textile industries)

Napoléon (home to the defense industries and military bases)

Puerto Nuevo (center of the shipping industry and thriving port area)

San Martín (manufacturing industrial center)

Rio Grande (diverse province culturally and economically)

Santa Gertrudis (mix of resorts, beaches, and the fishing industry)

Teychili (poorest province with majority indigenous/aboriginal population)

Valenciennes (post-industrial urbanized province)


Conservative and Unionist Party

Socialist Workers' Party

The Liberal Alternative Party

Christian Democratic Party (cross between AAP and AFP)

Green Party

Radical Party




Armed Forces Reform

Economy + Jobs



Gun Control

Internal Security

Military Intervention



Oil and Gas Industry

Provincial Powers

Race Relations

Same-Sex Marriage

Social Security

Tax Policy

US Relations + NATO

@issue position descriptions

// left to right, 1 - 5


Unrestricted access to taxpayer-funded abortion.

Protect Responsible Choice. Liberalize abortion laws.

Abortion should be left up to the states, but ban partial birth abortions

Ban abortion except for rape, incest, or life of the mother.

Abortion is murder! Total ban on abortions!



Collectivize farms and set price controls on all commodities.

Subsidize farmers heavily to save family farm.

Tax relief for farmers, and reform subsidy programs.

Reduce farming subsidies gradually until completely private.

Abolish all farm subsidies immediately.


// Armed Forces Reform

Drastically reduce military spending, end conscription immediately. Create a Ministry of Peace!

Reduce military spending, rebuild armed forces into an all-volunteer force.

Leave military spending at current levels. Extend conscription to civilian service.

Increase military budget, be more efficient. Keep conscription.

Significantly increase military funding to meet new threats. Increase duration of conscript service.


//Economy + Jobs

War on Poverty! Massive public works programs. We need a Socialist economy.

Defend worker rights, public jobs program, and provide a living wage.

Invest more in new industry + job training. Increase minimum wage.

Strengthen the free market. Reduce subsidies and bureaucracy.

Laissez-faire all the way! Get bureaucracy off business' back!



Large investment in education. Nationalize all private schools and colleges.

More funding for all schools, more facilities, cut class sizes. Eliminate university fees.

More funding for the poorest schools. Reduce university fees.

Provide school vouchers, encourage parent-student savings.

Full privatization of education.



The environment always comes first. Implement an eco-tax on pollution.

Increase standards, Go beyond Kyoto in reducing emissions.

Promote better environmental policies, stay with Kyoto.

Withdraw from Kyoto. The economy comes first.

The environment is fine, global warming is a hoax.


//Gun Control

Ban all firearms, except hunting rifles but regulate those.

Ban assault rifles, improve gun registry, and require trigger locks.

Gun control is a provincial issue.

We should be wary of gun control. Scrap the gun registry.

No gun control! Lift restrictions on all firearms.


// Internal Security

Civil liberties must trump security concerns. No police state!

Current security measures are sufficient. More measures only under strict limits.

Growing threats must be met by more investigations and police powers.

Suspicious foreigners must be observed, profiled, and detained if need be. Civil liberties may be limited.

Civil liberties must be massively scaled back to answer security threats.


//Military Intervention

No wars of aggression and Empire! We need to commit ourselves to pacifism and complete neutrality.

Global Test: UN will decide if action is legitimate, focus on diplomacy. Reduce military operations.

Use military force to stop genocide or under a UN/OAS/NATO mandate. Improve foreign policy and intelligence organizations.

We should prepare for pre-emptive military action against rogue states and terrorist groups with the aid of allies like the United States.

Use the military to defend our interests, strive to become a new superpower.


// Monarchy

Abolish the Monarchy. Move to a full Republic.

The Monarchy is outdated; reduce Royal powers.

Keep the status quo.

Increase the powers of the Royals.

Make Parliament an advisory body.



Dramatically increase funding, full federalization of health care.

Increase funding. Reduce private sector involvement.

Work to cut costs. Public-private relationship is essential.

Increase private responsibility for health care costs, coverage, and competition.

Full privatization of health care services.


//Oil and Gas Industry

Sell off the Oil fields to foreign companies. Scrap all state subsidies.

Partial privatization of the oil industry. Reduce subsidies and encourage foreign investment.

Keep public ownership. Use revenues to diversify the economy.

Keep national ownership. Significantly increase production to lower prices.

Extend nationalization to other critical industries. Massive subsidies to build up industry!


//Provincial Powers

Fully autonomous provinces. Allow for separation.

Devolve more autonomous powers to the provinces.

Keep federal and provincial powers as they are.

Provinces have their rights but the federal government is superior.

Significantly increase federal control. Reduce Provincial authority.


//Race Relations

Radical redistribution programs are necessary to achieve justice.

Alexandria needs affirmative action programs + reparations.

Alexandria needs to make amends for what happened.

Alexandria screwed up, but it's in the past: we should move forward.

We should return back to the days of white rule.


//Same-Sex Marriage

Equality demands legalization of same-sex marriage.

Provide civil unions for same-sex couples.

Leave the issue up to the provinces.

Marriage is between a man and a woman.

Gay adoption should be outlawed, too.


//Social Security

Citizen pensions for all, increase funding. Rise in line with average earnings. No to private investment.

Provide more help for the poorest. Increase public funding and basic provision.

Leave it as is, with some small private capital schemes.

Reduce provisions. Incentives for workers' private savings and investment.

End public subsidy. Provide tax breaks and broad incentives for private schemes.


//Tax Policy

Increase taxes for the top 10%, establish a windfall profits tax.

Increase taxes for the top 5% and large corporations.

Reduce taxes for lower and middle income and for small business.

Reduce taxes across the board for everyone, especially business.

Implement a flat tax or national sales tax.


//US Relations + NATO

We should work with the UN and Venezuela to curb US power. NATO is US imperialism!

Latin America is more important than the US. Withdraw from NATO.

We should be friends with the US, but limit NATO involvement.

The US is our best friend and ally. Support NATO commitments.

Stand by America no matter what. All the way with the USA!


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Name: Åslaug Marie Crean

Age: 34

Region: Baudrix

Constituency: Kensington-East

Brief Bio: You can create this biography if you wish.

Attributes: (26 pts) Leadership (4), Int (5), Exp (3), Issue Familiarity (5), Debating (5), Stamina (5), Charisma (5)

Party: Liberal Alternative

Photo: http://particracy.wikia.com/wiki/Image:19.jpg

Name: Kristin Riis-Johansen

Age: 58

Region: Ibelin

Constituency: Vinland-Harman

Brief Bio: You can create this biography if you wish.

Attributes: (26 pts) Leadership (3), Int (4), Exp (5), Issue Familiarity (5), Debating (3), Stamina (4), Charisma (3)

Party: Conservative

Photo: http://particracy.wikia.com/wiki/Image:430...culture_203.jpg

Name: Marie-Ségolène Bayrou

Age: 38

Region: Corvocado

Constituency: Pelosi

Brief Bio:(feel free to make up your own name)

Attributes: (26 pts) Leadership 5, Int 5, Exp 4, Issue Familiarity 5, Debating 5, Stamina 4, Charisma 5

Party: Socialist Workers

Photo: http://particracy.wikia.com/wiki/Image:Sophie.jpg

Name: Laura Adèle-Célina Cantwell

Age: 46

Region: Geneva

Constituency: Appleton Grove

Brief Bio:

Attributes: (26 pts) Leadership 4, Int 5, Exp 5, Issue Familiarity 5, Debating 4, Stamina 5, Charisma 4

Party: Socialist


Name: Hanna Gry Ashbaugh

Age: 25

Region: Napoléon

Constituency: London-Brooks

Brief Bio:

Attributes: (26 pts) Leadership 4, Int 4, Exp 2, Issue Familiarity 4, Debating 3, Stamina 5, Charisma 5

Party: Conservative


Name: Tendaji Kofi Olympio

Age: 47

Region: Asunción

Constituency: Pigton

Brief Bio:

Attributes: (26 pts) Leadership 4, Int 3, Exp 5, Issue Familiarity 4, Debating 3, Stamina 5, Charisma 4

Party: Christian Democratic

Photo: Ray Nagin

Name: Wil Tiahrt-Cardin

Age: 56


Constituency: Salomone

Brief Bio:

Attributes: (26 pts) Leadership 4, Int 3, Exp 4, Issue Familiarity 5, Debating 5, Stamina 3, Charisma 3

Party: Green


Name: Walker Ashbourne

Age: 63

Region: Bolívar

Constituency: Simone

Brief Bio:

Attributes: (26 pts) Leadership 4, Int 5, Exp 5, Issue Familiarity 5, Debating 3, Stamina 2, Charisma 4

Party: Conservative

Photo: John Sununu, Sr.

Name: Glo Amos-Kleppa

Age: 48

Region: Santa Gertrudis

Constituency: Starr

Brief Bio:

Attributes: (26 pts) Leadership 3, Int 2, Exp 5, Issue Familiarity 4, Debating 3, Stamina 5, Charisma 2

Party: Socialist


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