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California 2010

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Scenario Complete!

brought to you by Zion

Full California scenario featuring original map with zoom areas featuring competitive counties.

Featuring Parties and Candidates:


Gavin Newsome

Antonio Villaraigosa

Loretta Sanchez

John Garamendi

Steve Westly

Debra Bowen

Jack O’Connell

Jerry Brown (Opt.)


Meg Whitman

Duncan Hunter

Steve Poizner

Tom Campbell

Tom McClintock

Darrell Issa

Bonnie Garcia

Jeff Denham

Condoleezza Rice (Opt.)


Gayle McLaughlin

Ross Mirkaimi

Todd Chretien


Jim Gray

Norm Westwell

Tom Tryon

Kate O’Brien


Edward Noonan

Diana Templin

Here are some screenshots of the Beta version... this release is much better.







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No requests and email addys just yet

Hmmm. Is there some way you can put that in giant red flashing letters?

I don't really follow or really know all that much about California politics but looking the the Wikipedia article I have my doubts about either Jerry Brown or Condoleezza Rice running.

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Hey all.

The latest scenario i am working on is California 2010.

I have so far done maps, regional data, half the candidates, most of the endorsments.

Currently working on - percentages for election and primaries, both parties.

I could do with some help on issuess, and any more candidates other than those suggested by thw wikipedia article on the election.

If anyone has contributions, requests etc for the scenario, let me know.

Please. No requests and email addys just yet, once its done, i will let you know.

Gubernatorial or Senatorial?

I'm assuming gubernatorial, given that Boxer will run for re-election.

Anyway, assuming it's the governorship, here's an article about potential Dems:


Looks like it will be a pretty crowded field:

  • Attorney General Jerry Brown
  • Mayor Gavin Newsom
  • Lt. Gov. John Garamendi
  • Phil Angelides
  • Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa
  • Steve Westly
  • Rep. Loretta Sanchez

Condi will not run.

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Almost complete.

Still to finish:

California specific issues

Issue Centres for Regions

Endorsers (i plan on having every federal and local rep + sen, each covering the areas they represent)

results night reporting times

general tidy up

i've also noticed a flaw in the games engine.

My competators only campaign in the first 7 or so competative states most of the time. I've a statewide primary date.

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