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1912 was probably the most exciting ever and the only one with 3 men who would all eventually be president.

Before I start I want to say I do not have campaign forever so I can't make it myself, but am looking to help someone who might want to make it.

Wiki 1912 election overview

The United States presidential election of 1912 was fought among three major candidates, two of whom had previously won election to the office. Incumbent President William Howard Taft was renominated by the Republican party with the support of the conservative wing of the party. After former President Theodore Roosevelt failed to get the Republican nomination, he called his own convention and created a new Progressive Party (nicknamed the “Bull Moose Party”). It nominated Roosevelt and ran slates for other offices in major states. Democrat Woodrow Wilson was nominated on the 46th ballot of a contentious convention, thanks to the support of William Jennings Bryan. He defeated both Taft and Roosevelt in the general election, winning a huge majority in the Electoral College despite only winning 42% of the popular vote, and initiating the only period between 1892 and 1932 when a Democrat was elected President. Wilson was the second of only two Democrats to be elected President between 1856 and 1932. This was also the last election in which a third party candidate came in second in the Electoral College.

Real Life Results


State By State Results Link

Republican candidates

Robert M. LaFollette, U.S. senator from Wisconsin

Theodore Roosevelt, former President from New York

William H. Taft, President of the United States from Ohio

Democratic candidates

Champ Clark, Speaker of the House from Missouri

Judson Harmon, Governor of Ohio

Thomas R. Marshall, Governor of Indiana

Oscar W. Underwood, House Majority Leader from Alabama

Woodrow Wilson, Governor of New Jersey


  • Women's Sufferage
  • Racial Equality
  • Trusts
  • Tariffs
  • Labor
  • Primaries
  • Income Tax
  • Popular Election of Senators

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I Don't have a thread set up, but i have made a good portion of the scenario. I based it off of the original P4E 1912 scenario. There is a good book called 1912 that will probably have a good amount of info on platforms of the candidates other than WW, Taft, Roosevelt and Debs. Also, you left out the socialist party, which was still quite powerful at the time and was lead by Eugene Debs. Finally, do you have any ideas on how to deal with the Progressive/Bull Mouse Party? I was thinking that i would simply turn them off by default, but have both Roosevelt and LaFollette as possible candidates.

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Yeah, how does that work? Because Roosevelt tried to secure the GOP nomination, but when that failed he ran as a Progressive. Obviously the game engine isn't designed for that. I'd actually ask the TheorySpark team how they're handling the official 1980 scenario, because John Anderson essentially did the same thing (less successfully, however)

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