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Advertising and polling, couple of thoughts.

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I think it would be far more true to life if television and radio adverts could be bought and run in various media markets, as opposed to simply state by state. Probably ties in with the multistate bonuses thread in this forum- making what happens in one state provide a boost in similar or local ones.

Regarding polling, I'd love to have a more in-depth system- where we could see a demographic breakdown of the results, and commission polls on specific issues. It'd provide some reasoning behind sudden drops in support- you could see whether your message was going down particularly poorly with female voters, for example, or whether Independents in New Hampshire were sold on your business tax proposals.

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We've brought media markets to TheorySpark's attention before.

They're needed, to be sure, but there are problems with modelling them. For one media markets are all different sized and overlap, so you'd probably have to make at least two tiers. Single media markets (i.e. Manchester, N.H.), and larger media markets that are their own media market (Boston) plus others (all of New England's media markets).

Along with media markets it would be nice if the game modelled rating points and availability/cost of various advertising time as well. If more detailed/demographic polling was part of the game then more detailed advertising could go along with it (i.e. conservatives are more likely to listen to radio, liberals watch the late-night shows, etc….)

(The Media Market field in the current President Forever allows to designate multiple states as one media market, it does not allow you to properly model media markets.)

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I would love a demographic, county-by-county breakdown of the game, but I doubt TheorySpark has the resources or wants to create such an in-depth game because at the end of the day, it is still just a game that must be fun.

However, hopefully Congress Forever will make a step into this in-depth direction.

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