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Pope Election Scenario

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First of all: great idea! But...

don't you think it would be better to make parties equivalent to different ideologies in the Vatican? I.E. Ultra-Traditionalists, Traditionalists (Joseph Ratzinger / Benedict XVI), Reformist (Karol Woytila / John Paul II), Modern Traditionalists, Radical Reformists (Albino Luciani / John Paul)

The names in () are just examples of people who could be assigned to the groups in the past.

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Another little bit of follow-up, looking at Wikipedia's review of Pope Benedict's conclave, it groups the Cardinal Electors by region:

Roman Curia (the Vatican's administration): 27

Italy: 11

The Rest of Europe: 30

US/Canada: 11

Mexico/Central America: 8

South America: 9

Africa: 10

Asia/Middle East: 9

Oceania: 2

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Too bad irony is hard to convey via forums like this.

The point I was trying to make was, if someone is going to make a scenario of a pope election, then that person should know the pope is the leader of the catholic church, not someone who is "usually" catholic as the designer stated earlier in this thread. The big letters were just so he wouldn't miss the point.

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