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United Commonwealth 1980


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Hey all,

I need someone to do a map with regional stuff; though I can do the regional stuff if you're too busy.

I would really appreciate someone doing the map for me; I'm no bloody good at that stuff.

Thanks all,

GOP Progressive

United Commonwealth 1980 Notes

Scenario Idea: What if the British had granted Parliamentary seats to their colonies in 1773, thus averting the American Revolution? The British have retained control of the Caribbean, the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and Ireland. All are included in the United Commonwealth Parliament. The Labour Party is the incumbents in power, and are facing a winter of discontent and a resurgent Conservative Party. Who will decide the fate of the Commonwealth?


Labour (Social Democratic)

Conservative (Conservative/Neo-liberal)

Liberal (Liberal, Third Way)

National (Far-Right, Reactionary)

New Democratic (Far-Left, Socialist, Green)

Party Leaders


Harold Wilson (Labour-NW England)

Jimmy Carter (Labour-Georgia)

Gough Whitlam (Labour-Greater Sydney)

David Lange (Labour-North Island)


Margaret Thatcher (Conservative-Greater London)

Ronald Reagan (Conservative-California)

Joe Clark (Conservative-Alberta)

Malcom Fraser (Conservative-Victoria)


Pierre Trudeau (Liberal-Quebec)

David Steel (Liberal-Scotland)

Don Chipp (Liberal-Greater Mellbourne)

John Anderson (Liberal-Midwest)


Ian Paisley (National-Ulster)

Doug Anthony (National-New South Wales)

John Connally (National-Texas)

New Democratic

Gordon Wilson (New Democratic-Scotland)

Ted Kennedy (New Democratic-Massachusetts)

Ed Broadbent (New Democratic-Ontario)


British Isles






Northwest England

Yorkshire and the Humber

West Midlands

East Midlands

East Anglia

Southeast England

Greater London

Southwest England

Australia + New Zealand

New South Wales

Greater Sydney

Northern Territory


Western Australia

South Australia



Greater Mellbourne

North Island (NZ)

South Island (NZ)




Maritimes (PEI, Newfoundland, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia)

Prairie Provinces (Sasketchewan and Manitoba)


British Columbia

Canadian Arctic

United States + Caribbean


Ecotopia (Washington, Oregon, Hawaii)

Sunbelt (Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado)

Rocky Mountains (Utah, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming)

Great Plains (Oklaholma, Kansas, Nebraska, North and South Dakota)


Great Lakes (Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin)

Midwest (Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Missouri)

Gulf Coast (Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama)

Dixie (Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina)

Appalachia (Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, West Virginia)

Rust Belt (Pennsylvania, Ohio)

Mid-Atlantic (New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland)

New England (Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine)

Florida (Florida, Cuba, Puerto Rico)

Caribbean (Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, Belize, Guyana, Bermuda and the other islands)



Church and State

Economy + Jobs


Energy Crisis


Gay Rights

Gun Control

Health Care Reform


Industrial Relations

Law and Order


Provincial Powers

Social Security

Soviet Threat



@initial economy

// 1 - 5



// scenario money coefficient, 100 is 2004



Keep abortion as it is presently. Unrestricted access to abortion.

Protect Responsible Choice. Keep abortion safe, legal, and rare

Abortion should be left up to the states, but ban partial birth abortions

Ban abortion except for rape, incest, or life of the mother.

Abortion is murder! Total ban on abortions!


//Church and State

Religions should be discredited by the state.

Our heritage needs to be secular.

We should keep a healthy relationship between church and state.

We have and need to keep a Christian heritage.

Make Christianity the state religion again.


//Economy + Jobs

Establish a socialist economy to provide jobs and eliminate unemployment.

Establish a public jobs program and invest in new industry.

Reduce taxes for small business and encourage new industries.

Reduce business taxation and deregulate industry to create jobs.

Leave job creation up to the private sector. Fully open economy.



Large investment in education. Nationalise all private schools and colleges.

More funding for all schools, more facilities, cut class sizes.

More funding for the poorest schools. Keep free university fees.

Provide school vouchers, encourage parent-student savings.

Full privatization of education.


//Energy Crisis

Renewable energy all the way! Raise petroleum taxes.

Encourage renewable alternative energy sources to prepare for the long run.

Stay with energy mix and research all sources equally.

Gas, coal, and oil are our main concerns right now.

to rely on fossil fuel sources. Abolish the petroleum tax.



The environment is the first priority. Raise taxes on pollutants.

Tax incentives for being eco-friendly. Invest in new research.

Ensure more gets recycled and our Kyoto targets are met.

Open to environmentalism, but not an important issue right now.

There's no threat to our environment.


//Gay Rights

Equality demands legalization of same-sex marriage.

Provide civil unions for same-sex couples.

Leave the issue up to the provinces.

Marriage is between a man and a woman.

Gay adoption should be outlawed, too.


//Gun Control

Ban all firearms, except hunting rifles but regulate those.

Ban assault rifles, improve gun registry, and require trigger locks.

Gun control is a provincial issue.

We should be wary of gun control. Scrap the gun registry.

No gun control! Lift restrictions on all firearms.


//Health Care Reform

Dramatically increase funding, full nationalization of health care.

Increase funding. Reduce private sector involvement.

Work to cut costs. Public-private relationship is essential.

More private responsibility for health care costs, coverage, and competition.

Full privatization of health care services.



Full Amnesty for illegal immigrants. Open Borders!

Legal Immigration is great, import 1% of population a year.

Combine increased enforcement with a gradual citizenship program.

Increase border security, crack down on illegal immigration.

Immigration is destroying our country! Deport all illegal immigrants and close borders.


// Law and Order

Criminals are just misunderstood. Bring criminals together with victims.

Rehabilitation and prevention, not punishment for criminals.

Tough on crime and tough on the causes of crime.

Add more law enforcement officers, introduce minimum sentencing, crack down on gang violence.

National ID Cards, build more prisons, lock up the criminals! Limit civil liberties.


//Industrial Relations

Employers are always wrong; unions know best.

Unions should play a greater role in negotiating employment contracts.

Employees have the right to negotiate terms independent of unions.

Unions have far too much power.

Severely curtail the right to strike.


// Monarchy

Abolish the Monarchy. Move to a full Republic.

The Monarchy is outdated and must change.

Keep the Monarchy as is.

Increase the powers of the Royals.

Reintroduce Divine Right of Kings!


//Provincial Powers

Significantly increase federal control. Reduce Provincial authority.

Provinces have their rights but the federal government is superior.

Keep federal and provincial powers as they are.

Devolve more autonomous powers to the provinces.

Fully autonomous provinces. Allow for separation.


//Social Security

Dramatically increase funding for social security, raise the payroll tax.

Increase funding for social security; provide help for the poorest more.

Raise the retirement age, limited changes to Social Security.

Partial privatization of social security will solve the crisis.

Make social security voluntary, move towards full privatization.


//Soviet Threat

Communism is great - we should join the Soviet Union!

We should not focus on confronting the Soviets.

We must seek to contain the Soviets where feasible and useful.

We cannot give an inch to the Soviets anywhere!

We must invade the Soviet Union!



Increase taxes for the top 10%, establish a windfall profits tax.

Increase taxes for the top 5% and large corporations.

Reduce taxes for lower and middle income and for small business.

Reduce taxes across the board for everyone, especially business.

Implement a flat tax or national sales tax.



We should surrender to the terrorists.

We need to fight the cause of terrorism, economic and social injustice.

Focus on better foreign policy, but use military force if we must.

We should not hesitate to use military force against terrorism.

Terrorism can only be stopped one way: military force.


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-Labour in the early 80s was not "social democratic." In this pre-neoliberalism time, it would be considered socialist. In either case, Jimmy Carter would not fit, especially considering his move to the right in his last two years.

-Terrorism and gay rights would not be issues, especially the latter. On Abortion, the whole "partial birth" thing shouldn't be in there.

I think you're being a tad too ambitious throwing the USA in there. I tried to do a Commonwealth scenario in 08, but the ridings drove me absolutely nuts.

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-Labour in the early 80s was not "social democratic." In this pre-neoliberalism time, it would be considered socialist.

I agree fully with HabsFan on this, it is common knownledge that in pre-neoliberalism times labour would be considered socialist. I think looking elsewhere in Canada where today after neoliberalism, a social democract can be clasified as many things including a Liberal. I'm glad he finally agrrees with me that our mutual friend can be clasified as a social democrat.

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