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Iraq Votes 2015


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Babkha Notes

Ethnic Groups

Persian 45%

Arab 25%

Assyrian 15%

Armenian 10%

Tartar 5%


Islam 50%

Christianity 25%

Zoroastrianism 20%

Baha'ii 5%





Greater Zjandria


Kamalshahr (capital)


Kumara Khanate





Razjania Dehvaz













Party Leaders



Alexandria Relations

Civil Rights

Democratic Reform



Grandica Crisis



Law and Order


National Identity

National Unity

Oil Industry

Social Welfare

Tax Reform


Trade Unions

Womens' Rights


@initial economy

// 1 - 5



// scenario money coefficient, 100 is 2004


@issue position descriptions

// left to right, 1 - 5


Minimal sentencing and amnesty for criminals.

Rehabilitation and prevention, not punishment for criminals.

Tough on crime and tough on the causes of crime.

Add more law enforcement officers, harsh punishment for criminals.

Public executions, flogging, and other brutal methods will stop crime.


//Democratic Reform

Major reform! Proportional Representation with minority regions. Fight for equality.

Guarantee minority representation. Create a democratically elected Senate.

Promote direct democracy, more referendums, and expand minority rights.

Keep the status quo. Increase Presidential powers.

Democracy is little more than mob rule. Return to authoritarian rule.



Stimulate consumer demand by increasing public investment. We need a Socialist economy.

Some aid and protection to some industries, public jobs program. War on poverty.

Invest more in new industries. Assist the unemployed. Encourage foreign investment.

Deregulation and privatization are needed. Reduce subsidies and bureaucracy, encourage competition.

Laissez-faire all the way! Get bureaucracy off business' back. Fully privatization.



Provide free education from primary to post-graduate schooling. Massive funding increase.

Reduce Islamic involvement in education. Expand and protect public education. Increase funding.

Increase funding for education. Reduce university fees and raise teacher pay.

Encourage more Islamic and private involvement. Fund construction of Islamic universities and schools.

Privatize all elements of education. Promote private and Western schools.



Abolish Provincial authority. Full control for the federal government.

Provinces have their rights, but the federal government should be superior.

Balance between provincial and federal powers.

Devolve more powers to the Provinces. Limit Federal power.

Provinces should operate like autonomous, independent states.


//Health Care

Dramatically increase funding, full nationalization of health care.

Increase funding for public health services, reduce private involvement.

Work to cut costs, Public-private relationship is essential.

More private responsibility for health care coverage and competition.

Encourage full privatization of health care.


//Iran Relations

We should intervene in Iran to protect our national autonomy.

We should distance ourselves from Iran. The Sunni world is more important.

Support the reform faction in Iran, but keep healthy relations.

Iran is our most important partner. Our ties must be closer. Stay neutral in Iran.

Iraq and Iran should belong together. Form a union with Iran. Support the hardliners.



Babkha should become a secular dictatorship.

Babkha should be a secular democratic state.

Babkha should be a model for Islamic democracy.

Babkha should become a theocratic Muslim state.

Shiite Islam is the only true religion for Babkha.



Abolish the Kurdish Assembly.

Devolution needs to be cut back.

The Kurds are a nation within a united Iraq.

Devolve more powers to the Kurdish Assembly.

Full independence for Kurdistan.



Abolish the military. Militias and police forces can do the job.

Reduce funding and size of the Armed Forces. Rely on militias and police.

Promote diversity in the Iraqi Army. Allow autonomy for provincial militias.

Increase funding and size of the Iraqi Army. Restrict militia activity.

Prohibit militia activity. Expand Army control and jurisdictions.


//National Identity

Iraq should return to the Saddam Hussein era.

Iraq should be a secular state.

Iraq should be an Islamic state with minority rights.

Remain a Shiite state with some minority rights.

Only Shiite Muslim Arabs are true Iraqis.


//Oil Industry

Keep Iraqi oil in Iraq. Large subsidies to protect the industry.

Keep public ownership. Protect Iraqi workers and consumers.

Allow the development of private Iraqi oil companies.

Partially Privatize the oil industry. Encourage foreign investment.

sell off the Oil fields to foreign companies.



Citizen pensions for all, increase funding. Rise in line with average earnings. No to private investment.

Provide more help for poorest. Increase public funding and basic provision.

Pension benefits should be means-tested, but generous. Encourage saving.

Reduce provisions. Incentives for workers' private savings and investment.

End public subsidy. Provide tax breaks and broad incentives for private schemes.



Raise taxation across the board.

Raise taxation on the wealthy and corporations.

Reform taxation, moves towards more progressive rates.

Keep the flat tax. Encourage foreign investment with tax incentives.

Eliminate all taxes for the wealthy and corporations.



Grant full amnesty for all terrorists. Bring them into government.

Repeal harsh anti-terrorism laws and work to engage terrorist groups in talks.

We are prepared to negotiate with the terrorists under a cease fire.

We should not hesitate to use police and troops to defeat the terrrorists.

Defeat the subversive groups at all costs!



Create a worker's state. Collectivize industries.

Strengthen worker and union rights. Pass a minimum wage.

Labor demands must be balanced with business concerns.

Unions have too much power. Relax labor laws.

Unions are Communistic and should be outlawed.


//Alexandria Relations

Declare war on Alexandria. Drive the crusades out of our lands!

Condemn Alexandria imperialism. Ally with Katyusha to curb Alexandrian power.

Our current relations are fine, but keep our distance.

Alexandria is our greatest ally. We should move for closer relations.

Long live Emperor Edgard II! Stand by Alexandria no matter what.


//Womens' Rights

Remove all Islamic burdens on women, enshrine equal rights in the Constituion.

Allow women greater autonomy and freedom within a Western context.

Women should be allowed greater rights within an Islamic framework.

Women have the same rights as men. Respect traditional gender roles.

Women should stay at home, take care of children, and submit to husbands.


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