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I've been working on a 1996 scenario and am looking for a little help. For the republicans I have Dole, Buchanan, Forbes, Keyes, Alexander, Lugar, and Gramm but cant find starting percentages for them or starting funds. Also, the stats for each candidate were done almost entirely from what I read about them online because I was too young to care about politics then and didnt experience any of the campaign.

For issues I only have the obvious, such as:


Affirmative action

Business tax





Free Trade

Gun Control

Health Care


Illegal Drugs

Personal Tax

Social Security


If yall have any to add please let me know.

Finally, if anyone knows the positions on these issues for Lugar or Gramm that would be a big help too.

This is the first scenario I've put alot of effort into so I'm still trying to learn so like I said any help is much appreciated.

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I can do policy issues if you email me the scenario at hcallega@yahoo.com

For the Democratic side you should add speculative candidates. I can do issue stances and biographies for Dem challengers as well.

Also, try to get Electric Monk working on this. He is truly A-Grade

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The New York Times has opened their archives for free, and is a great place to find polling data post 1981. (TIME Magazine is decent, as well.)

Gramm can be read about in detail in the David Frum book Dead Right (if I recall correctly).

Newt Gingrich and Colin Powell should be added as potential Republican candidates. Powell is moderate, Gingrich is economically conservative and leans somewhat right on social issues.

Sadly Jules Witcover & Jack Garamond didn't write a 1996 book (the publishers didn't want one) but there are a few: Re-Electing Bill (Hohenberg), Show Time (Roger Simon), and The Choice (Woodward).

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Thanks for the feeback. The scenario wont let me get past step six right now and I have forwarded the error to theoryspark. Does this mean that I cant work on it until the error is fixed? In other words, if I do work on the scenario and then the error is fixed will I lose the work that I have done since encountering the error?

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Simple Events >> issue >> Reference not found: issue campaign_finance reform

Simple Events >> issue >> Reference not found: issue war_on_terror

Also, when i click on step 6, Access violation at address 0041DE50 in module 'ScenatioConstructor.exe'. Read of address 00000010.

I click ok on that and it takes me to step 6. There is only one simple event listed, which is for abortion. I click "Create/Edit and get the same error i listed earlier, but once again it takes me on to the next screen. I then try to remove the Simple Event For abortion and then it says "Abnormal Program Termination" and Campaigns Forever shuts down.

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