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The 2008 Primaries Coverage and Prediction Thread

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Democrats are easy.





Republicans are more difficult...Democrats and Indys are going to throw this election...but will they throw it to McCain because they like him...or Romney, because they think he'll lose to whoever eventually gets the Democrat nod?

My guess:








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My first correct pick, it seems...networks calling Michigan for Romney, looks like a bigger win over McCain than projected, at this point.

Paul ahead of Giuliani...interesting.

Yeah. Giuliani really sucked in Michigan. Less than 3%? Paul more than doubled his vote. Rudy only beat Hunter to dominate second-to-last place. :wacko:

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What an absolute rout for Senator Obama in my home state of SC...with 99% in, he leads Clinton 55% to 27%.

I really think this will prove to be a giant bounce for February 5th.

Agreed. Way more than I expected with significant support among whites. Before, polls predicted him winning by 6-13 points and only 10% of the white vote.

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J.Edwards was my 1st pik. But he step down. I will pik B.Obama. Hope B.Obama wins.

(Note to Big M and michaelm(s). H.Clinton is not the same as your friend. Fact is H.Clinton gets donations of 1 million dollars a week likey from Big crops. No H.Clinton is not a social democrat like your friend. in fact she is most conservative member of all of the democrat leaders. Yes the democratic party is a Liberal party. If you wont to support a leader for the Democrats then Obama should be your pik. Would I label B.Obama as a Social democrat? No I would not. B.Obama is a Liberal.)

Just letting them know thats all. :)

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Guys, this thread is starting to get off-topic. Read the thread title before posting...

"The 2008 Primaries Coverage and Prediction Thread"

...thus, this isn't the place to argue about other things such as McCain Birthplace and if this thread is allowed.


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There is no constitutional provision which dictates the requirements for a party's nominee. Anyone can run for president. As long as he meets the state ballot requirements (usually a fee and some petition signatures) a 14 year old Hungarian kid can run for president. What the constitution does dictate is who can become President. So at this point McCain will be the nominee, but it would require a Supreme Court decision rendered after he became the President-elect that would keep him from taking the oath of office.

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