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"Gold" (Simulation) Type Scenarios

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A humble suggestion: Let's establish a standards committee.

There are currently four TheorySpark scenarios, covering: 2008, 2004, 2000, 1992, with 1980 & 1960 forthcoming. There are four active board scenarios (excluding the fictional West Wing): 2008 Gold, 1988, 1976, & 1968. There are two proposed board scenarios (excluding 1860[1], and the fantasy greatest presidents one): 2004 Gold & 1964.

Official TheorySpark scenarios are aimed more for fun, than realism. 1988 & 1976 are not modelled in detail (They're fun and I still like them, but they need work). 1968 is bug prone :). 2008 Gold isn't finished either, but is probably the best guideline for what I'm talking about.

So let's establish a moniker (preferably not Gold) like Accurate or Realistic or Simulation, and us scenario designers establish a review committee to apply it. The goal would be a reasonably realistic outcome, and a reasonable level of detail.

As I did them I know that 2000 & 1992 would be easy enough to bring to more realistic standards: mostly just dropping the number of undecided voters in the general. 1968 might be a frickin' Rube Goldberg machine designed to find bugs in the P4E+P engine but it is as close as I can manhandle the game to model the real 1968 election.

So. We convert the official TheorySpark scenarios by reducing undecideds, and adding detail when possible (as done in 2008 Gold). We take existing board scenarios, if their authors are ok with it, and bring them up to the same level of detail. At the end of the day we can have a scenario pack spanning from 1960 to today (with a few blanks to fill in later[2]) all of roughly the same quality.

In essence: we institute quality control on non-official scenarios and aim them at an audience that wants a good dose of realism (i.e. the same audience actually willing to find these boards, and download these scenarios).

2008 Gold is obviously the first contender, and I'd say 1968 is pretty close as well.

Yes? No? Bugger off? :)

[1] It can still be fun, but there's no way to accurately model the 1860 election. Not enough data.

[2] 1996, 1984, & 1972. Also 1964 since that seems to have stalled.

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I guess I get to put my idea into practice.

I've talked with Zion and he doesn't have time to do further work on 1976 & 1988, and has given me permission to continue. Therefore, as my own time permits, I'm taking over development of both of those scenarios.

Along with 1968 I'm simply renaming them. The default is United States - Year used by TheorySpark and United States - Year Gold used on the board for 2004 & 2008.

I honestly don't like either (no offence Gold loving people :) so I'll be calling all scenarios I update to make as realistic as possible: Campaign Year. I considered United States - Year Simulation, but it's kinda awkward in my opinion. (I suppose I'll lobby the Gold people and try to get them to follow me on this one :)

Once I get 1968 out and released I'll proceed: 1976, 1988, and then slight adjustments to TheorySpark's official scenarios of 1992, 2000, and 1980.

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