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2008 Issue Positions

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In playing the various 2008 scenarios, both from TheorySpark and from other users, I've noticed a few issue positions that IMO could be more accurate.

First, there seems to be a tendency to give Democratic candidates a "Left" position on health care, which is defined as "Completely public health care system and include prescription drugs under Medicare. Require health insurance for every child." In fact, most Democrats are closer to the "Center-Left" position, which simply says, "Universal health care, whether public or private." Either the "Left" position should be rewritten, or pretty much everyone but Kucinich should be marked as "Center-Left."

Also, on Iraq, the "Center" position (about bringing in the UN or NATO) is not one that's talked about all that much, as there really aren't other countries willing to commit troops to Iraq as far as I know. I'd suggest changing it to something like Biden's position of heavy U.S. involvement in the Iraqi political process to complement any redeployment.

Anyway, just a couple of suggestions.

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The Centre-left and left position indicators on "Unions" seem mixed up ("Blackmail" being quite a strong word compared to "hindering.") On that note, having both "Unions" and "Outsourcing" seems to be doubling the main concern of unions.

Perhaps the foreclosure problem. Or the economy. Greenspan puts the chances of a recession at 50-50.

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