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I liked it really much, however as I made a scenario like that a few years ago, I made it with alternate leaders by parties and the best candidates of all-time by riding (which would be however quite a lot of work with 650 districts). However, I think that the older candidates (such as Disraeli and Gladstone) are too weak.

It is feasible to have a majority with a leader without having the option to put at off some candidates?

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Thanks Matvail for the feedback. I don't think it is, the best I have won with Churchill is 263 seats. I meant the game to play tight with no possiblity of a majority government with all 16 candidates intact.

Gladstone and Disraeli were 2 of the 3 candidates I had weakened, as well as Peel. Peel and Gladstone especially, who were taking most of the seats and sometimes finishing second. This was due to having sat in more than 1 seat, in different regions. i decreased the candidate strength from 4 to 3, apart from the regional seat they held for the longest period of time. Disraeli wasn't relatively strong before or after.

I'm happy with that, but after playing Thatcher twice and George once, especially with Thatcher I'm still failing the 40 seats goal. I'm going to try increase the finances for George and Thatcher, and if that goes well on boths sides, I'll raise the cash of the other candidates.

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Added a brand new fictional nation to my list. This will be a side project for a small Middle Eastern fictional nation election. This is to fill the void of no Middle East representation at all in the scenarios, unless I'm wrong. Still nameless, it will have an Ayatollah as the head of state, comprised of 4 parties and 80 seats or less. Roughly 4-7 regions. It will be an incumbent right-wing government facing a left-wing/centrist challenge. Preferably the 4th party may be an Islamic militant breakaway party from one of the top 2 parties. Undecided what the 3rd party may be. So inspiration may be taken from Iran, Iraq and maybe even Saudi Arabia

Issues would (rough gesture) centre on: Death Penalty, Shia Rule, Oil/Energy, Allegiance to Koran, Sharia Law and so on.

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Another side project (after Middle East micronation) will be a regional German election. I have already decided and it's on the list. What better place to start off in Germany than Berlin?

In all regions apart from Berlin their parliament is named "Landtag". "Landkreis" is a parliament for district elections.

Abgeordnetenhaus von Berlin/House of Representatives of Berlin Election 2001. You'll see why I picked it.

Christian Democratic Union (CDU) 23.8% -17.0% 35 seats (-41)

Social Democratic Party (SPD) 29.7% +7.3% 44 seats (+2)

Party of Democratic Socialism (PDS) 22.6% +4.9% 33 seats (+0)

Alliance '90/The Greens 9.1% -0.8% 14 seats (-4)

Free Democratic Party (FDP) 9.9% +7.7% 15 seats (+15)

The Republicans 1.3% -1.4% 0 +0 0.0%

The Grays 1.4% +0.3% 0 +0 0.0%

All Others 2.3% -1.0% 0 +0 0.0%

One of the most interesting Berlin elections as the CDU and it's grand coalition dramatically crash out of power after a rule of 20 years, losing a massive 41 seats and 17% of the vote, and a five party system is in full flux. There is an election every 5 years since 1999, but 2001 was a snap election following the CDU's wranglings in the "Berliner Bank Scandal". 2006 was more of a modest election with the highlight being the PDS losing 10 seats. Another pull factor of 2001 is the stark difference in how East and West Berlin vote.

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Got bored so decided to start work on the Middle East micronation...5 regions - 80 ridings.

I'll come back with a more detailed seat analysis from the previous election.


How the seats might look after the 2010 Election, according to polling data:

Conservative Clergy to Allah (centre-right): 39 seats (-15)

Islamic Solidarity (centre-left): 29 seats (+12)

Democratic Reformist (centrist): 9 seats (+3) (can't make out in yellow)

Militant Mujahideen (Left): 1 seat (-2)

Conservative Clergy to Allah lose their majority.

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So the previous election results in detail, with riding and region names complete


Conservative Clergy to Allah (centre-right): 54 seats (+10)

Islamic Solidarity (centre-left): 17 seats (-7)

Democratic Reformist (centrist): 6 seats (-4)

Militant Mujahideen (Left): 3 seats (+1)

Forgot to say, Um Al-Mohajshahr has a coast only to the south of the Karaman region, the rest of the country is landlocked.

Analysis Region-by-region:

Latifmuj- Wealthiest region in Um Al-Mohajshahr. Mostly rural with small towns and villages, mostly middle class. This is a fight between the CCA and DR. IS have a chance of seats near the border of neighbouring regions in the south. In 2007, the DR did badly here losing 4 seats to the CCA. They hope to reclaim those seats next time. The IS hold onto their sole seat here.

Qorsiyyah - Semi-urban region that hosts the upper-working/middle class in the north and east, while much of the poor live in the south. This is DR's weakest region, although they gain their only seat, unsurprisingly near the border to Latifmuj. However a tight marginal between them and IS. This region is a straight-up between the 2 front-runners. The MM are very unpopular here and not trusted (The idea is they have killed civilians in terror attacks to the east, in their battles with spies and insurgents from the neighbouring country(unnamed). A very popular CCA government helps them gain 3 seats in the south. The IS gain in riding 60, Oshnavi-e Shirin is the only gain from CCA, an odd occurrence in this election. The IS hope to recapture the south and west, and hopefully whitewash the DR.

Karaman - Mostly working class towns and villages. The MM and DR are well organised here, however the DR lose 2 seats to IS, while in turn they lose 2 seats to the CCA. The MM are strong and were based and formed in the south, but only with 1 seat. The DR are strong in the central regions and the south west. The CCA hope to grab the sole DR seat next time, when(!) they increase their majority again. The IS hope to sweep those small seats in the north and various others.

Shiraz - Poor agricultural working class, with pockets of wealth to the north. Least populated and mostly desert. This region has an ageing population, still faithful to the CCA. Young votes are moving to Ha'il Torbat for jobs and college/uni education. The IS are poor here and the MM, are at a loss here. Mostly comprimising of ultra safe CCA seats with the DR as the main opponents. No change in seats, and it would be no surprise if there's no change next time.

Ha'il Torbat - Most Populated, Cosmopolitan region. The large city of Ramadzan. The CCA make impressive gains in the city and hold seats of various commuting towns to the city as well as some rural. The IS's strength here is being attacked on all fronts. The MM gain 2 seats against them and the DR gain 1 seat from them. The DR do quite well but have failed to snatch anymore city seats, with a seemingly Ramadzan electorate unimpressioned by their "enlightening views". The IS hope to regain all their city seats and per chance, maybe gain some of the suburbs to the north.

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Glasgow Hillhead 1982 by-election is not far from completion. I still have to do the ridings, but I have finished nearly everything else apart from events. Will provide download link of course, followed by another by-election poll.

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So this is what I have on progress now.

The main focus is on, Finland 2007 and Scotland 2015.

The side projects are: Um Al-Mohajshahr 2010, Abgeordnetenhaus von Berlin/House of Representatives of Berlin Election 2001 and the Spectrum election game re-working.

The Finnish election system is works under a D'Hondt system, each selectable province is one big multi-member constituency that elects via a list. I'll have to split these provinces into constituencies, where only the high rung of the list candidates will be competing against each other, and hopefully get the right number of seats overall (200 I think altogether). I know who should be the elected party candidates and who are not.

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