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New Primaries System (Regional Primaries) 2008 Scenario

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Hi there,

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This scenario applies the Regional Presidential Primary and Caucus Act introduced in the Senate. It makes the campaigning more interesting. It is based on the latest United States - 2008 (Beta) scenario.

Iowa and New Hampshire still first in the nation but they now start in February.

Please give me your feedback.


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You know better Electric Monk, as I'm not from the US.

I'm from Canada, actually, but am vastly obsessed with politics.

Actually I have certain problems with that regional system as it groups unlike states together. My pet system would be to randomly have 2 small states (i.e. less than a million, one primary & one caucus) at the start—one in February and one in March—followed by 8 biweekly regional contests in random order from Far West, Midwest, Old Confederacy, Rocky Mountains, Mid-Atlantic, Border states, New England, Great Lakes states.

Those 8 groupings share many characteristics with each other and so similar issues apply to each grouping. It would also spread the campaign season from February to the end of July (with conventions right around the corner in August) to stop early wins, to reward organization, to force flash-in-the-pan candidates to have more than just momentum, to prevent a frontrunners easy victory, and to get rid of the current multi-month shadow war between the early win and the convention.

Anyway, any feedback on this scenario?

I haven't played it yet. Sigh. It's on my to-do list, but you're competing (leaving aside non-P4E activities) with an epic 2008 dual character/dual-primary hotseat game with my roommate, my (sometimes collaborative) 1968 scenario and the other scenarios.

Like I intend to do with all other not-mine scenarios on the board I will offer up a bunch of feedback when I get a chance to play it (however, besides you, there's Zion's 1988 & 1976, Jayavarman's 2008 Gold, Doug325's West Wing, and TheorySpark's own 2004) so my critique is coming… eventually :).

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Paul and Huner were both strong i my game. Hunter with California, Paul with Texas, but then picking up a lot of southern states.

It was interesting as I was Thompson and weeks before the convention it was a 4 way tie between Thompson, Giuliani, McCain and Paul. I lost to Paul by 7 votes after McCain dropped out and endorsed Paul. (Giuliani had endorsed me)

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which scenario does it use? 40% of the nation is undecided and i'm seeing hunter, tancredo, and paul winning states. i just lost new york to fred thompson.

Any scenario based off of TheorySpark's raw numbers and calculations will have outrageous results. Seeing Kucinich win half of America in the original 2008 scenario was what made me make my own 2008 Gold.

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I made a similar scenario for my own amusement. On the Republican side, I used a variation of Sandy Levin's Interregional Primary System. I split the first two primary dates into two smaller dates so in the end, you had four small primary dates and four big primary dates, all of which cut across regions. On the Democratic side, I used the California Plan, a variation of the FairVote-endorsed American Plan. I used the original data though so it may pan out weirdly.

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