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UK Liberal Democrat Leadership Election 2007...


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I've been working on a bit of everything as far as scenario's goes, but the most progress i've made is the quickest one to do.

Ok, if you didn't know there is a Liberal Democrat Leadership election going on after Menzies Campbell resigned(too old for the job, they say). Only MP's can vote for their leader but i thought it would be fun to have it decided by youknowwho, the general public, so it's sort of like a US primary election, but then again, it isn't as it does not lead on to the main election. In the not-long future, i would be interested in doing more of these, particulary the Conservative leader elections, where there's been 4 over the last 10 years. But let's focus on this one shall we.

This is the way the actual election is looking with only 2 candidates Chris Huhne and Nick Clegg. A third candidate is struggling to become nominated into the race. Nick Clegg is the favourite right now, despite the look of the map, the total of seats each has is usually neck-and-neck, BUT i want to be realistic here, and drop Chris Huhne's seats a little but not too much. I thought using the map with more regions would make it more repetitive and pointless for only 2 candidates.

This is a preview, as i still need to add new issues like "Vision for the Liberal Democrats" and possibly "Sleaze and Corruption", as well as more up-to-date issues. Updating the platform for the candidates. Plus, to make new headlines coinciding with events(and world events) in the leadership election such as which MP is backing which candidate.

Don't mind about the 8 weeks 6 days left in the picture, that is subject to change. As well as the money the candidate has(will be the same though).

If we look on my map, i haven't just randomized which candidate dominates in which region, it's done with some sort of sense. Excuse me if this gets rather long:

Chris Huhne: Strongest in South East, as his constituency is Eastleigh. Candidate strength of 4 in Eastleigh and 3 in rest of south East(Most UK regions, candidates have default strength of 2 apart from their home regions). Huhne has the more liberal of policies of the 2, so is strong in South West and Scotland too. Some seats he has candidate strength of 3.

Nick Clegg: Strongest in Yorkshire and Humber, home constituency is Sheffield Hallam. See Chris Huhne above for how candidate strengths go. Same here. Clegg is strong in Greater London too. Clegg's image seem more marketable so that's why London likes him.

The regions apart from the South East that are Tory friendly (East and middle, north west England) will favour Nick Clegg as he has been accused of Tory sympathies. In the North East, i've TRIED to make Huhne edge in, lol. Wales and Northern Ireland go either way. Despite the fact Northern Ireland does not accomodate the Lib Dems in any way, let's just say they were forced to vote.

Once this is finished, this 2-man race will be availiable for download via WinZip. HOWEVER, lol, i will do another version of this but with 4 or 5 candidates, not for more fact but fun. with the more split-up UK map. This would involve the third MP unable to get nominated and possibly Simon Hughes, who has previously campaigned for leader but opted out in this one, Vincent Cable(Acting leader now) and Charles Kennedy( Would rather die than be re-elected in reality, despite calls)

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I would add, besides Simon & Kennedy:

David Laws

Ed Davey

And also:

Julia Goldsworthy

Susan Kramer

Steve Webb

Of course what makes the race truly interesting is the divide between the social democrat wing and the classical liberal wing… oh Lib Dems you're such a fun party.

I'll try add some of them in for my next version, or maybe all? I'll need to do some research where social democrats would be popular and same for classical liberal.

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The short version is Scotland = more social democrat, Southern England = more liberal.

But that's pretty simplified, I admit. Another way would be to look at who controls the seat when the Lib Dems don't—though you also have to think about if the Lib Dems are splitting the vote from say Labour to let the Conservatives win.

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Notice that there are only 59 seats in play: the size of the Lib Dems parliamentary caucus.

So you have to woo the 59 Lib Dem MPs to your side. He doesn't have to make up names since he eliminated all the other seats.

It doesn't work entirely, of course, since in real life it's the party membership voting for the leader but it's a decent enough abstraction.

Erm lol, it's actually the same candidate names in the ridings, plus i used every UK seat. I didn't notice until after taking the screenshot that Scotland was selected and i meant to show the UK state of seats. One example would be Clegg having 310 seats and Huhne 290 seats.

I like the idea of using only the 59 Lib Dem seats, but more seats =more fun. Think of it like a referendum vote, where the voter votes on yes or no on say devolution for Scotland, in this case, they still only have 2 choices with the same name and not a supporter MP. That was my plan lol.

But if i have the time i could do Lib Dem seats only voting on the leadership, as well.

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