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Australia 2007 - alternate version

RI Democrat

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I finished my own Australia 2007 that I was designing for the Canada 2006 engine. If anyone wants a crack at it, it's online here:


The major differences between mine and the 80soft beta are:

1. Mine doesn't have the issues changed as much as 80soft's, largely because I don't know enough about Australian politics to do that accurately. I basically used the 80soft 2004 issues, and then changed the wording and titles for some of them. Industrial Relations is reworded to focus on the WorkChoices issue, Native Title becomes National Reconciliation, Old Growth Forests becomes Environmental Protection, and Tax System becomes Budget & Economy.

2. 80soft has better-quality candidate pictures.

3. Mine includes the Australian Democrats as well as several independent candidates (80soft includes the Indies too, but basically assigns them to one of the four parties, whereas mine keeps them separate).

4. Mine includes specific endorses based on RL interest groups, whereas 80soft's doesn't since the old PM4E engine didn't work that way.

5. Latham, Crean, and Beazley are still Labor leadership options on mine, in addition to Rudd and Gillard.

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I've updated this to include some of the major events in the campaign - e.g. Garrett having to be corrected on environmental policy, the Coalition's spending promises at their launch, and the Liberal supporters getting caught distributing fake flyers right before the election. I've also created a "government accountability" issue that is affected by that incident and updated issue descriptions on Education Policy.

Is anyone interested in giving it a try? I can put the new version up on RapidShare too.

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I'd certainly be interested to try it mate, if you're willing to pop it up.

You're previous one was very good, I enjoyed it more than the theoryspark official one, because of the separation of independents, and the way you noted sitting and retiring members, made it easy to see at a glance whether the seat was a gain, retain, or loss.

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