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New Running Mates 2008 Scenario

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Hey guys! I've made a new 2008 scenario. Gameplay is the exact same as the newest 2008 Beta scenario, including the polling numbers. I have tweaked the candidates mildly towards my own biases...but I'm an independent who hasn't decided on a final candidate, so it shouldn't be too blaring. I also correct all the candidates' ages, and updated their fundraising totals.

The biggest change is that I've added approximately 50 running mates between the two parties. Most of these are Senators, state Governors, a few retired Generals, etc...although I did add Stephen Colbert just for the fun of it. ;c) Naturally, I'd never even heard of most of these people before I started the project...I rated them based on the impression I got from their Wikipedia articles...so if you feel your State governor deserves a higher charisma rate, or that your senator deserves a lower debate skill or something, just tell me and I'll probably do it.

Anyhow, for those of you that were getting tired of seeing Clinton-Bayh running against Romney-Pataki, this is the scenario for you. Just leave your e-mail here and I'll send it to you. By the way, it seems like hotmail considers these files too big to scan, so just make a yahoo account or such (like I did) if that's your normal e-mail.

Thanks in advance for any feedback, etc!

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