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Ancient Rome or Ancient Greece

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well you could have the philosophers... (Socrates, Plato, Aristotle) as long as you're willing to forget that they were in different time periods. Alexander the Great if you're going to get into the Hellenic times. Pericles, Nicias, Alcibiades, Thuyclides (or however you spell that guys name) from the Peloponnesian War. and perhaps a persian king thrown in there.

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Ceaser, Marc Anthony, Pmpey, Augustus, Brutus, A roman election would be awesome, and possibly somewhat realistic.....

Ceaser, Pmpey were mortal enemies, Brutus and a young Marc Anthony could be 3rd party memebrs (strong)

Yuo could also have a Marc Anthony- Augutus Ceaser election

I say do the Roman !!!!

The canidates are much more well known and Rome was more powerful than Greece (besides Alexander)

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