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If you're interested I own Presidential Primaries and the Dynamics of Public Choice by Larry Bartels which, among other things, includes the delegates per state, the delegates won by each candidate, and the % won by each candidate in each stateā€”for both the Republican and Democratic contests. The major downside is that it only covers primaries, no caucus numbers are in there.

Nevertheless it would probably let you set reasonably accurate numbers in the various states for the various candidates, once you account for the Carter momentum sending his numbers up post-N.H., and it would give you an alternate source to check delegate numbers.

Let me know, and I'll post the numbers.

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With Zion's permission (he's become too busy to do work on the scenario) I'm taking over development of 1976.

No new release is anticipated anytime soon as I have 1968 to finish, and other things to do, but I am starting work on 1976 with the aim to make it as realistic as possible (see this thread).

All people who have currently posted in this thread will be added to the email list for when I release a new version (email will come from electric.monk.ts@gmail.com).

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Bentson's name has a bunch of random numbers after it during the primaries.

Also, playing as McCarthy, all I've done is do is go to Texas, but random states have me at negative polling.

Also, I can't even get out of Texas, I've been going to other states through the flag button but it still says I'm in Texas. This is in both in the primaries and the general.

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