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1976 Primary Data


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Here is a link to download a spreadsheet with data for the 1976 GOP primaries


Only 27 states held open primaries that year. The states and dates are in the left hand column. The number in parentheses is how many delegates each state had. Under each candidates name is the result of the popular vote and in parentheses how many delegates they were awarded. At the bottom of the spreadsheet are the results for states that did not hold primaries but cast votes on the convention floor. The two resources I used were CQ's Guide to US Elections 3rd Edition and CQ's National Party Conventions. Data for Democrat primaries is coming soon.

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You rock. Any chance of getting data for other years?

I'd love to be able to double-check 1968, and 1992 would also be helpful.

I imagine the guys on the 1964 & 1988 scenarios could use their years, as well.

In all honestly, if/when you have time everything the book has would be helpful.

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