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LATEST VERSION: v. 2.0.4 beta (DISCONTINUED; Version 3 continued by CountArach here -> http://80soft.ipbhost.com/index.php?showtopic=9891 ) Post your e-mail to receive the revamped 2008 Gold scen

matvail2002@gmail.com Thanks a lot!


The new version is much more unpredictable than the old ones. Momentum simply appears in large numbers and radically shifts states on voting day (during the primaries). Also, I found it very easy to win lopsided majorities in the general election.

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I was just playing the most recent version's December scenario. I was surprised that there were 60% undecided in some states - something that I play Gold edition to escape. For now I will go back to 2.0.1 when that didn't seem to happen.

Also - as a side note, I am working on adding in a lot more endorsers to the campaign. I'm adding in every senator for the primaries and I will probably add in a whole lot more groups (such as the pro-Choice lobbies, etc.)

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Played my first game with this scenario. Was a nice one despite my failure to win the general election.

Played as Huckabee and won IA, NV & FL out of the early states. WY & NH going to Romney, SC went to McCain. Winning FL gave me enough momentum to propellor me into Super Tuesday leaving McCain but especially Romney & Guiliani with some crumbs. Nomination was decided somewhere after Super Tuesday but some of the opponents just wouldn't give up. Offered McCain the VP-spot but Romney buggered me all the way upto the convention.

Clinton won the nomination on the Democratic side fairly easily and, at least for her, her opponents had the decency to drop out fairly quickly.

Went into the general elecion with a 1-4% deficit in votes and that remained that way all the way upto election day. Momentum was about 9 points better than Clinton's but Clinton took about 1% of the undecided voters with only 0.5% going to me. About 2% went to the minor parties.

I blame: 1) Inaccurate polling 2) Lack of skills of course (Could not even make a clean sweep in the south with TN, LA & FL going to Hillary)

PS: Somone should have informed this ignorant Dutchie that advertising during the last days is forbidden ... ^_^

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