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I'd like to take a look at this scenario, esp with a Gore 'Nobel' boost. Also suggest making sure the primary dates are updated from the base version. The Dem primaries in particular seem to have moved forward in a number of states.


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LATEST VERSION: v. 2.0.4 beta (DISCONTINUED; Version 3 continued by CountArach here -> http://80soft.ipbhost.com/index.php?showtopic=9891 ) Post your e-mail to receive the revamped 2008 Gold scen

matvail2002@gmail.com Thanks a lot!


Ha, sorry.

Actually, I was using TheorySpark's 2008 beta scenario, and saw Guiliani was ranked a 1 across the board, plus a lot of ages are WAY off...though it may actually go as far back as the default 2008 scenario.

My theory is there is a bug in the game itself (not a specific scenario) that may be randomly jacking up candidate settings.

yeah .. that happened on this scenario as well with giuliani. i changed them and now he can almost beat romney. this time he won handily after mccain won new hampsire and wyoming early. because of that, romney's momentum wasn't that high even after he won iowa. but i got smacked by obama. all the scandals i got on him were low and all 6 of my attack ads backfired. he only won by 1% on the popular vote but took 350 EVs and won many southern states by small margins. i think he won 8 states by less than 4%.

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v. 1.2.0


-updated polling numbers

-replaced endorsers with default TheorySpark endorsers

-removed Town Hall activity

-updated some platforms

-tweaked candidate stats

-updated some candidate starting funds

-Brownback turned off by default

Notes: Overall, Romney machine should not be so inevitable in primary. Guiliani has a better chance. Huckabee also given some more chances as he is gaining more prominence among value voters. Clinton is more powerful as her leads in polls has only grown, though Obama or Edwards can still pull upsets.

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Nice scenario mate ;). Enjoyed playing it several times, good you toned down the Romney machine ;).

Thanks. :)

I had a fun time playing it, too, the other day. I always like playing as the underdog, so I tried Huckabee. I did not win, but I gave Guiliani a run for his money reaching up to the Republican Convention 1000 vs 1300. I settled as Vp and played on as Guiliani. Facing Clinton in the general election, I squeaked by razor thin majorities in many swing states to a 282-256 victory. B)

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For some reason, the number of delegates to the Dem convention from Florida and Michigan seems to be set at only one each.

How do I change this?

The DNC is currently refusing to give those states delegates (but the game can't model 0 delegates) which is why those states have but a single delegate apiece.

If you have Campaigns Forever it's under Parties-->Democratic-->Region Info.

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v. 1.2.1


-Rhode Island primaries moved March 4 -> Feb 5

-adjusted some starting funds numbers

-new picture for Ron Paul + money (representing surge this quarter)

-Governor of Louisiana now Republican

-Governor of Kentucky now Democratic

-tweaked general election percentages and numbers (hope it's not broken)

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v. 1.2.4


-updated percentages w/ poll numbers with focus on third-tier candidates (Huckabee, Paul, Biden, Kucinich given some points here or there)

-once again totally revamped general election percentages and numbers (hope it's not broken)

-more PIP for Clinton; less for Obama and Edwards

-rearranged order of candidates in display and selection

-Gilmore turned off by default

-fixed Ron Paul's age and upgraded some of his stats

-changed economic change chances to reflect credit meltdown and falling dollar (unbalancing?)

-fixed some bugs

Note: Even with drastic modification of numbers and defined variables, some state-specific results still end up outside the margin of error every now and then (for example a ten point drop in a state during the general election; oh well)

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Hey Jayavarman,

Could you please send it to me at mikeydukickass88@yahoo.com.au Thanks a million.

It just so happens to be that, CLARK/BAYH's 2008 scenario started to stuff up. It claimed that all candidates came from Northwest Territoties.

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