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Canada 1958


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I have today completed this new scenario, apart from changing the issues. If someone would like to post the best 18 issues that should be included, I will incorporate these into the scenario before uploading.

If there is anyone who does not really know what the issues should be but would like me to send them the scenario, don't bother to post your request here.

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Provincial Relations should be one, (set the PC's to favor the Quebec position on this, set the profile to something that would impact Quebec without impacting any other provinces, and set the Liberals to the most unpopular position possible to capitalize on the Union Nationale machine turning out in force for Dief w/o turning it into a national issue; the AI will present problems with this issue) and the recession, which also hurt the Liberals (badly, being as Pearson delivered a speech asking Dief to give power back to the Liberals, and Dief produced a document that showed the Liberals knew about a recession coming before Dief took power). However, I assume you know this already from the Wikipedia article that offers a basic outline.

Socialized medicine should be another one, so should redesign of the flag, free trade, Joint US-Canadian missile defense (called something like AMARC? I'm thinking) free trade, perhaps bilingualism, Arctic development, morality. I'm at a loss for the rest. All else fails, I might suggest researching Diefenbaker and Pearson if there is very little info out there and place the info in their biographies about them in the late 50's and early 60's in the context of the 1958 campaign. Also, research into the provincial political landscapes (Alberta having voted on a liquor plebiscite the previous year) might yield some issues. Also there are some things currently in the game such as Balanced Budget or Military Funding.

In list form:

Provincial Relations (issue profile really depends on whether or not your scenario starts with the Grits 20 pts. down)


Jobs (possible as a filler)

Universal (Socialized) Health Care

Flag Debate

Official Bilingualism

Free Trade

Arctic Development

Missile Defense Compact


Balanced Budget

Military Funding

That should get you 2/3 of the halfway home as far as the issues themselves. I'll try and think of some others, but I'd appreciate a copy when you get through. My email is calesullivan [at] gmail.com. Thanks!

NATO was also an issue, Taxes will always work, Education, U.S. Relations, Business Tax, and Abortion should work well enough.

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John Deifenbaker has strong personal appeal and many modern political historians give him much of the credit for the strong PC showing.


Economy: Lester B Pearson made a major blunder leading up to the election that allowed Diefenbacker to seize on the economy as an issue

Provincial Relations: the PC's were able to utilize Union National political machine to build stronger ties in the province

Social Assistants Programs, Pensions and Hospital Insurance were all major parts of Diefenbackers campaign

Northern Development played a major role in the campaign

Given Lester B Pearson historical background as a diplomat I think making International Relations an issue would make sense as well

Mothers Allowances were also a popular area of discussion

Other common issues as fillers would be taxation, agriculture (this would be pushed by the CCF based out of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and BC and the Social Credit out of Alberta and BC), Unemployment, Health Care, Flag debate begins (In 1958, an extensive poll was taken of the attitudes that adult Canadians held toward the flag. Of those who expressed opinions, over 80% wanted a national flag entirely different from that of any other nation, and 60% wanted their flag to bear the maple leaf.), Suez Crisis might be a good one, as only a year earlier Pearson was awarded the Nobel Prize for helping resolve the crisis. US Relations will always be discussed in a Canadian Election. Education is usually a safe one, Workers Rights, Farm Subsidies etc.

Love the idea of this scenario, when your done I would love to try it osterbergr@msn.com

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This thread is 5 years old, so if the scenario was made, it wouldn't work on the current engine. My next Canadian scenario is going to be 1993, but if there's enough interest, I might tackle this one at some point.

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