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This scenario features several Presidents from TV and movies. The political red/blue trends are similar to both the real world in 2004 and my 2006 WestWing scenario. Anyway here are the candidates


Jed Bartlet (West Wing) (default)

David Palmer (24)

Matt Santos (West Wing)

Dave Kovic (The movie 'Dave')


James Marshall (movie 'Air Force One') (default)

Thomas Whitmore (movie 'Independence Day')

Charles Logan (24)

There was a fair amount of guesswork involved, but it should be interesting. Feedback is always appreciated

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I love the scenario, however, you can find a better photo of James Marshall, he is also from Iowa not California. You can also find a better photo of Whitmore who is from Nebraksa not Texas. Logan's picture is a little to scrambled. Add the independents and find better photos for Santos and Palmer. The overall scenario is great! Also, I think you should make it a different year. Also, for the VP's, Gardner is from Utah, No clue who Levinson is, and Bennett is from Connecticut. For the Dem VP's, Prescott is from California

Here are my results:

Democratic Results

Josiah Bartlet

*1,801 Delegates

*55.1% of the Vote


Matt Santos

*463 Delegates

*15.2% of the Vote


David Palmer

*528 Delegates

*16.3% of the Vote


Dave Kovic

*336 Delegates

*13.5% of the Vote


Republican Results

James Marshall

*326 Delegates

*33.9% of the Vote


Thomas Whitmore

*2,062 Delegates

*53.9% of the Vote


Charles Logan

*0 Delegates

*12.2% of the Vote





Polls Going Into Election Day

Bartlet - 46.3% - 266 EV

Whitemore - 42.6% - 159 EV

Undecided - 11.1% - 113 EV

The Results!

Josiah Bartlet (D) - 346 Electoral Votes - 51.9% - 64,053,642

Thomas Whitmore ® - 192 Electoral Votes - 48.1% - 59,401,712


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neistrules@yahoo.com , sounds cool.

I haven't seen Dave in a while, but I thought it was implied that President Mitchell was a Republican. Dave was not President Mitchell, of course, but he was never really supposed to be Prez. You could do a hybrid sort of thing, but I'd think about putting it in as a Republican, liberal on jobs. Don't forget, he funded the First Lady's pet project (which I'd remember better if I'd seen the movie in the last ten years) by cutting spending, not raising taxes.

Also, Andrew Shepherd (D-Wis) and Senator Bob Rumson (R-?) from The American President.

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Also, candidate wise, I have suggestions:

President Barbara Adams

President in: Whoops Apocalypse (film, 1986)

Played by: Loretta Swit

Succeeds to presidency upon death of the previous president. Her incompetence helps cause World War Three.

Husband owns a weapons company that deliberately instigated the third world war to sell arms.

President Mackenzie Allen

President in: Commander-in-Chief

Allen, the vice-president under President Theodore Roosevelt "Teddy" Bridges, becomes the first female president in history after his death. She is married and has three children. Prior to becoming president, Allen was a prosecutor and congresswoman from Connecticut.

When the dying Bridges and the Republican Party leadership requests her resignation in favor of a "more appropriate" leader, she refuses.

Stated privately that her main political enemy is Speaker of the House Nathan Templeton.

Played by: Geena Davis

Party: Independent

President John Ballentine

President in: The Sentinel (2006 film) (and 2003 novel by Gerald Peteivich)

Targeted for assassination at a G8 Summit in Toronto. (film)

Intended to divorce his wife after his term was finished (novel)

Secret Service code name: Classic (film), Victory (novel)

Played by David Rasche

Party: Republican

President Tom Beck

President in: Deep Impact

During his administration, much of the Eastern Seaboard was devastated by a comet impact in the Atlantic Ocean.

Is the nation's first African-American president.

Played by: Morgan Freeman

President Perry Blake

President in: The Day After Tomorrow (film, 2004)

Caricature of George W. Bush

Presumably dies of hypothermia during the evacuation of the US, and is succeeded by Vice President Becker

Played by: Perry King

President Mike Brady

President in: The Brady Bunch in the White House (TV movie, 2003)

Native of California with no political experience, Vice President Brady assumed the presidency after the resignation of President Lawrence Randolph. Brady then chose his wife Carol to be his vice president. Brady has six children from two marriages.

Played by: Gary Cole

President Teddy Bridges

Main article: Teddy Bridges

President in: Commander-in-Chief (TV series)

Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt Bridges was the governor of California and vice-president before becoming president. His vice-president was Mackenzie Allen, who became the first female president after he dies.

On his deathbed after brain surgery, he asks Allen to step aside in favor of a "more appropriate" successor. He later dies.

Played by: Will Lyman

Party: Republican

President Monroe "Eagle" Cole

President in: Welcome to Mooseport

Native of Mooseport, Maine, Cole served two terms as president and attempted to run for mayor of Mooseport after his presidency. Was the first President to divorce from his wife while in office.

Played by: Gene Hackman

Party: Democratic

President James Dale

President in: Mars Attacks!

During re-election campaign, Earth makes contact with aliens.

Was graduated from Princeton University.

Dale was killed by the aliens shortly after contact.

Played by: Jack Nicholson

President Matt Douglas

President in: My Fellow Americans

Former governor of Indiana, Douglas ran against Senator Russell P. Kramer of Ohio and lost, but defeated incumbent President Kramer four years later in a landslide. Douglas was later defeated by Kramer's vice-president, William Haney. Douglas later ran again for office as an independent alongside Kramer. He had a reputation as a womanizer and was married to Katherine Douglas.

Played by: James Garner

Party: Independent, formerly Democratic

President Jackson Evans

President in: The Contender

A former senator who attended West Point and enjoys cigars and shark steak sandwiches. Evans was a two-term Democratic president who sought to replace his deceased vice president with Senator Laine Hanson (D-Ohio) to succeed him.

Was set upon stumping the White House kitchen staff before leaving office with outrageous food requests, ultimately succeeding when they said they were out of Munster cheese, for his grilled cheese sandwich.

Played by: Jeff Bridges

Party: Democratic

President Jonathan Robert "Bob" Fowler

President in: The Sum of All Fears

Former governor of Ohio and when president, the city of Denver (Baltimore in the film version) was destroyed by a nuclear device.

Party - Democratic (unnamed in novel, but most likely Democrat)

Played by: James Cromwell

President Mays Gilliam

President in: Head of State

An alderman from Washington D.C., Gilliam was chosen by his party to replace the deceased presidential nominee. Gilliam narrowly defeats a sitting vice-president becoming America's first Black President.

Played by: Chris Rock

President William "Bill" Haney

President in: My Fellow Americans

Haney served as vice president under President Russell P. Kramer before defeating incumbent President Matt Douglas. Later forced to resign.

Played by: Dan Aykroyd


President Harley M. Hudson

President in: Advise and Consent (a film, based on a novel by Allen Drury)

Succeeds to presidency upon death of unnamed predecessor

Played by: Lew Ayres

Possibly modeled on President Harry Truman

Assassinated in a later volume of the Advise and Consent series

President John Keeler

Main article: John Keeler

President in: 24 (2005-2006)

Played by: Geoffrey Pierson

Keeler was elected after President David Palmer withdrew from the race. As part of a day of unprecedented terrorist strikes, Air Force One is shot down, critically injuring Keeler and killing dozens of others including the President's son, Kevin; Vice President Charles Logan assumes the presidency. His fate was never revealed, though Logan was still the president 18 months later, likely indicating that Keeler either was killed, or still remained physically unable to hold the office.

Party: Republican.

President Russell P. Kramer

President in: My Fellow Americans

Born in Ohio, Kramer was a congressman and a senator and attempted to run for re-election as president but failed; according to Kramer, eighty million people voted against him. Famous for line "Our dreams are like our children." Later ran again for office as an independent with former President Matt Douglas.

Played by: Jack Lemmon

Independent, formerly Republican

President Eugene Lorio

President in: Jack & Bobby

Played by: Paul Sorvino

His son died while serving in the War of the Americas.

Elected as a Democrat in 2036, he says in a 2049 interview (as part of a documentary in the series' flash-forward) that he knew, going into the final debate of the 2040 campaign, that he would lose to either Republican candidate Dennis Morganthal or independent candidate Robert McCallister. This indicates he was an unpopular President, but the show never revealed why.

Party: Democratic

President Richard Martinez

President in Cory in the House, the spinoff series from That's So Raven. He is from California

Played by: John D'Aquino

Has a daughter, Sophie Martinez (Madison Pettis)

Party: Democratic

President Ted Matthews

President in: My Fellow Americans

Matthews became President after President William Haney resigned. Later went to prison.

Played by: John Heard

Party: Republican

President Wayne Palmer

President in: 24 (2009-2013)

The brother of David Palmer, for whom he served as chief of staff and campaign manager.

Injured severely in an assassination attempt and Vice President Noah Daniels becomes Acting President

However at the next election he has been replaced by Allison Taylor.

Played by: D.B. Woodside

Party: Unknown. (Presumably Democratic - see above)

President Nathan Petrelli

President in: Heroes

In the future, Nathan is shown as President of the dystopian American state.

His true identity was shown to be that of Sylar, the serial killer, who has presumably killed Nathan and used Candice Wilmer's power of illusion casting to take on Nathan's appearance.

Party: Democrat

President Caroline Reynolds

Main article: Caroline Reynolds

President in Prison Break

As Vice-President, she collaborated with an organization known as "the Company" to fake the death of her brother Terrence Steadman and frame Lincoln Burrows for the murder. When her presidential campaign began to falter and the Company turned against her, she had President Mills assassinated and was immediately sworn in as President. She was also a Senator from Illinois

Played by Patricia Wettig

Party: Republican

President Andrew Shepherd

President in: The American President

A native of Wisconsin and an avowed fan of the Green Bay Packers, Shepherd went to Stanford University before teaching history at the University of Wisconsin. He had a daughter named Lucy and was married to Mary Shepherd, who later died of cancer. As a bachelor president, Shepherd starts dating a lobbyist while running for re-election.

Quote: "You want to claim this land as the land of the free? Then the symbol of your country cannot just be a flag. The symbol also has to be one of its citizens exercising his right to burn that flag in protest. Now show me that, defend that, celebrate that in your classrooms. Then you can stand up and sing about the land of the free."

Played by: Michael Douglas

Party: Democratic

President Jack Stanton

President in: Primary Colors, book by Joe Klein and the subsequent movie.

Stanton is a Democratic governor of a southern state. He appears to be a charming and philandering politician. He eats junk food and is portrayed as a thinly-disguised pastiche of Bill Clinton.

Played by: John Travolta

Party: Democratic

President Kenneth Yamaoka

President in: Eagle (manga) by Kaiji Kawaguchi

Yamaoka is the 43rd President and is the first Asian-American president (third generation Japanese-American). He previously served in the military in Japan and in the Vietnam war and was the Democratic senator from New York. Yamaoka is married to wife Patricia with son Alex, daughter Rachel and an illegitimate son, Takashi Jo.

Party: Democratic

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I love the scenario, however, you can find a better photo of James Marshall, he is also from Iowa not California. You can also find a better photo of Whitmore who is from Nebraksa not Texas. Logan's picture is a little to scrambled. Add the independents and find better photos for Santos and Palmer. The overall scenario is great! Also, I think you should make it a different year. Also, for the VP's, Gardner is from Utah, No clue who Levinson is, and Bennett is from Connecticut. For the Dem VP's, Prescott is from California

Thank you for your feedback. A few questions: Where did you find the home state information for Whitmore, Bennett and Prescott. (Marshall being from Iowa, I saw on Wikipedia). VP candidate Levinson was the Jeff Goldblum character from the movie.

WRT Garnder, IIRC he was just giving a speech in Salt Lake City prior to arriving at the compound (not necessarily where he was from). I placed him in Washington state because he was played by actor Ray Wise who is best known for the role of Leland Palmer in the TV series Twin Peaks

Do you know where I could find better pictures?

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