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UK Election 1987 Scenario (with more regions)


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I have 15 parties. I don't have the Canadian version just the British version so i don't know if the beta editor will work?

Sure. The game is almost identical and all the files are the same format.

But yeah, having 15 parties and having to delete 2 is a big problem, bigger than adding 1.

Maybe you can use the Constituency Editor to remove a party from all constituencies in one go? I don't know.

Also I can't find this editor I was talking about... the Party Support Level Changer or something like that. It was linked to on this forum a while ago, I think it was made by a fan, not by 80soft. Must still be somewhere on here.

Thanks for telling me about where the CP number changer was. I've figured out why SDP-Liberal Alliance had only 3 CP's because i had all players at a leadership of 2 rating, i raised all players to 3 and now the party have 4 CP's. I think that might be good enough, so you can increase your target seats while still make policy speeches and fundraising. I will try that out.

Yeah it might be. The problem with CPs in 80soft is that a change of one unit can make such a big difference and there's nothing in between. With 3 you can make a speech or fund raise in a turn but can't do anything else - no research, no spinning, no endorsements, no crusader training, nothing else. Forget about doing any private polling if you're intending to fund raise or make speeches - you can't have both!

If your momentum goes slightly negative, you won't be able to fund-raise or make speeches at all!

With four CPs you can afford one other activity along with fundraising/speeches, as long as you have positive momentum. But no private polling and research at the same time, or research and crusaders. If you need to make a speech or fund raise unexpectedly you'll have to cancel one of those activities.

With five CPs you suddenly find yourself rarely having problem.

That's an issue with the game, but my suggestion would be this:

-Either set the base cp higher, so there aren't such big differences, and all parties are playable (not meaning you can win more easily, but that you are not restricted to two or three activities for the whole campaign).

-Modify the CP/EP costs of different activities. Fund raising should really cost 2 CPs, private polling could cost money but not use up any CPs, etc.

Splitting up the SDP and Liberals does sound fun. In consituency results it does tell you who represents which side. I don't how you can make one party split up into 2 during the actual game though.

You don't make them split. They're already split - two separate parties, with two players. But they start off as a Coalition (in parties/party_relations) like Conservatives and the UUP... so they don't attack each other and will keep out of each others way.

As for the event, I thought there is a command to cause the "Coalition splits" news announcement... I think I've seen it scripted to happen in a scenario in the past, can't remember which.

Anyway I think this coalition/non-aggression agreement would match historical reality better than the unified party model you have at the moment.

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What i've done so far in increase the Liberal-SDP Alliance CP's to 5 but kept Labour and the Tories the same number. So i kept leadership at 3 but the problem was, it takes so many CP's to spin a story 100%(5 CP's) so i checked to where this could be adjusted.

The establishment of the Alliance i moved from 3 to 4 and it now takes 4 CP's to spin a story 100% and i'm happy with that. I was thinking because the Alliance thing was quite new that it should've been 3. I played as the Alliance with the 4 CP's before i figured out about changing the establishment. I did an all-time best of 79 seats and captured an extra region than before (Grampian). I'll check out the game with 5 CP's, they might be too strong but in that game, they were still miles behind Labour and Tories.

I'll work on giving the map more space and do a separate SDP & Liberal party version in the next few weeks.

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Very interesting scenario -- nice work!

One question -- was Thatcher really "center-left" on Defense Against the Soviet Union? (I'm not British, but that just sort of jumped out at me.)

Thanks very much.

If that's the case, then that's a mistake. But i checked the Tories folder in Parties and the position was center-right (4).

Neat idea about uploading it on Rapidshare. Saves me effort. Here's the link http://rapidshare.com/files/59313615/Unite...-_1987.zip.html

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Scenario link has been updated, but only with minor changes. The incumbent party should be listed at the top, so the Conservatives have swapped places with Labour. A couple of areas had the wrong country flag, which i have corrected. Also some goals of smaller parties have been reduced due to difficulty. Link also updated in my senarios thread.

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