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West Wing - 2006 { P4E + P }

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Hello, all

I have finished a Primaries scenario of the 2006 Presidential election from the TV series "The West Wing" This is an updated version of my scenario "Santos vs Vinick", which handled this election in the original P4E. The scenario has the following candidates


Matt Santos

Robert Russell

John Hoynes

Ricky Rafferty

Eric Baker (gen election only)


Arnold Vinick

Rev Don. Butler

Glenallen Walken

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I'd love a copy: electric.monk.ts@gmail.com

I don't think my comments have changed from the last time you brought this up, so I'll repost since I don't know what you did with them:

Any chance of adding the Speaker Jeff Haffley to the Republican primary? Obviously he didn't run (and later lost his job when the Democrats took back the House in '06) but he was probably the one character post-Sorkin that I really liked and wished had been around since the beginning.

A couple suggestions: Baker may have ran in the primary, his withdrawal was unexpected so I imagine he should be included in the primary but turned off by default. He would be leading in Iowa and New Hampshire.

Governor Tillman should be a very powerful endorser as he swung the state of California to Santos.

Seven (other) Republicans contested the nomination (as Vinick says after the election that he beat the "seven dwarfs") meaning three candidates were never named on the show, although one of these may have been Ohio Governor Mike Reed.

Vinick's results improved as Walken, Allard and Bennett eventually withdrew from the race.

Mike Reed could probably be simulated as some recent Ohio governor. Allard and Bennett (assuming wikipedia got that right) are mysteries but looking at the line-up one of them is probably a fiscal conservative

0 Vinick: California Republican

1 Walken: Moderate I imagine as conservative replacement Speaker Haffley was viewed as fascist by the Democrats.

2 Mike Reed: In Ohio? Moderate. Probably against free trade though.

Mike Reed (R-Ohio): May have been a contender for the 2006 nomination. Gave keynote speech at the Republican National Convention, known as the "eight is enough" speech attacking the Bartlet administration (which was in its eighth year in office). Did not stand for election in 2006.

3 Don Butler: Religious conservative of course.

4 and 5 Allard and Bennett: I don't know. Maybe just pick likely politicians out of the list rather then making them up on whole cloth based on just their names…

These guys seem possible:

Edward Pratt (R-Tennessee): Meets with the President to discuss increasing instances of arson against the black churches in his state around Christmas 2001. Still Governor in 2005 when he found out about a top-secret deal where the country of Georgia offered the US uranium and threatened to leak it publicly since he was opposed to it.

-Conservative I imagine.

Senator Dan Kalmbach (R-Maryland) (Season 2): A prominent member of the tobacco lobby in Washington. During the 2002 elections, he is considered to be a major candidate, but ultimately loses in the primaries to Ritchie.

-Moderate I imagine.

6 No Idea. Call it a write-in for Speaker Haffley.

7 Robert Ritchie. I imagine having once won the nomination he may give it another try.

Robert Ritchie (R-Florida): Served two terms as Governor. Republican nominee for President in 2002, defeated by the incumbent, President Bartlet. Almost certainly elected in 1996 and defeated Carol Gresley (who we know stood for Florida Governor in 1996) and served from 1997 to 2005.Succeeded by Swenson ®. Swenson is Governor by the 2006 election.

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