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1988 (With Ps)


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It's a little detail and easy to overlook.

The short version is that there's a checkbox in the Republican and Democratic parties that allows to set which side has the majority (in Congressional representatives for exactly your 269-269 scenario) and which side has a governor in that state (for, I believe, a very marginal boost).

It's an easy enough thing to fix but, like most things in scenario development, requires some research and some tedium.

I'm sure Zion just overlooked it.

It also appears to be a bug, as mine are set correctly for 1968 and Nixon still won in the House.

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I'll preface this simply by saying I do like the scenario, but I'm going to spend the rest of the post suggesting and critiquing things.

None of the Candidates ages are set.

You probably need more crusaders, given that Ted Kennedy and Dukakis don't have even one (Kennedy's close friends with Chris Dodd, that would probably suffice.)

There were more VPs considered then just the candidates in the race.


Ted Kennedy having a well established rating of 5 seems high. 3 or 4 seems more reasonable, especially considering how poorly run his 1980 Presidential campaign was.

I think Kennedy should have more money as well, given personal wealth and connections.

His Integrity rating at 4 seems high.


I feel that Mario Cuomo should have a well established rating of 3. He was the frontrunner the instant Gary Hart collapsed, and if he had entered I believe he would have won. 2 seems low.


Charisma & Debating Skill of 5? That seems a little high.


Stamina of 5?


I'd give him an extra stamina point, being a young guy and the only one of the field (minus Kennedy) who'd actually been through a presidential primary campaign.

As he wasn't back in the race until December he should probably have some kind of penalty using events. Perhaps -500 or so momentum a couple times a week until December to make any effort at changing his poll numbers hard to do.


Well Known 4? Not if Hart has a 3 given that he came in second in '84 and Biden is just some Senator.


Well Known 4? Not if Hart has a 3 given that he came in second in '84 and Simon is just some minor Senator.

A leadership of 4? Charisma 4? Simon seems overpowered in general since he was basically a favourite son candidate for Iowa that simply hung in for a while.


He seems underpowered generally, and could use 1 or 2 more points for: Issue Familiarity, Charisma, and Stamina. Conversely given his ongoing money troubles you could probably knock off half a million to a million dollars.

A How Well Known rating of 4 is probably high as well.


A How Well Known rating of 4 is probably high.


Issue familiarity & Charisma of 5 both seem high to me.


Charisma of 4?


Should be Stamina of 5, that man was a machine. I'd also give him an integrity of 5.

Order of the Candidates in Selection

I can see why Cuomo & Kennedy are at the end (though personally I rank by chance to win, not whether they actually ran) but why is Simon placed 3rd? Biden is too low, Gore is too high.

Ranked by chance to win in October: (Cuomo, Kennedy), Dukakis, Jackson, Gephardt, Biden, Gore, Simon, Hart, Schroeder, Traficant, (Cuomo, Kennedy).

Population of the map is incorrect. For example California did not have 33 million people in 1988. Generally speaking eligible voters are 70% of the population. So if you find the Census data for 1988 for the population of each states and multiply by .7 you'll get the eligible voter amount (roughly speaking). You should first take a look to see if you can find eligible voter numbers by state, as sometimes that does exist.

Although this isn't a problem, I think my idea of separating network from local television advertising is a good one. It does however require a house rule and you may or may not like it. Likewise Clarch/Bayh's Direct Mail/Phone Banking advertisements (that have spread to other scenarios) should be considered as well.

Your advertising costs, like TheorySpark's, are far too low. It costs upwards of a 100 grand to make a TV commercial, not 50 grand. I assume you inherited them from the 2008 scenario though.

Can we have 8 ads per player? I've always felt that 4 ads is rather limiting in a general election.

Note that Modified Open Primaries are better represented as Closed Primaries in the game.

As mentioned above your Majorities Per Region aren't set. Neither are your governors per region, at least on the Democratic side and perhaps the Republican side.

I do believe the Democratic Party has a 15% cut-off in primaries, but I don't specifically know about 1988 so your 10% may be right.

You're missing a Free Trade / Protectionism issue. Given that that is what propelled Gephardt forward for a little while it should probably be high/high in importance for the primaries (and New Hampshire should be protectionist) though medium/medium or low/low for the general.

Congressional Leadership endorsers?

I'd suggest making your governors Decided Democrat or Republican, as otherwise (like other scenarios) they're rather too likely to vote for the other guy.

I've always felt Governors should give a footsoldier boost instead of a momentum boost, but that's certainly just a preference. (My rational being that governor endorsements mean little, but if they put their statewide organization behind you that's probably worth a footsoldier or two—plus the computer is not very good at making enough foot soldiers so this helps them.)

Your newspaper descriptions are wrong, as I doubt a 1988 newspaper could back Al Gore in 2000 :). If you feel comfortable with copying data directly from file to file my 1992 newspaper list is the best quality (erm, when it's released. 2008 & 2004 have the supported Gore/Bush descriptions, 2000 switched to generic conservative/liberal descriptions, and 1992 eliminated duplicate newspapers and is the best newspaper list to base yourself on).

The 1988 block grant was not 75 million, but more like 60 or so. It's an easy enough thing to google.

If you haven't I suggest reading What It Takes by Richard Ben Cramer and Whose Broad Stripes and Bright Stars? The Trivial Pursuit of the Presidency 1988 by Jules Witcover & Jack Germond. Those are the two best books about the campaign. Not hard facts, but it helps to get a feel for it.

Anyway, overall it plays well and most of my problems are fairly little things. Just detail work and polish, essentially.

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Well Known 4? Not if Hart has a 3 given that he came in second in '84 and Biden is just some Senator.

Biden had been in the news and on TV quite a bit in 1987 as chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee during the confirmation hearings for Robert Bork. He was much more widely known than the average senator in 1988.

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Biden had been in the news and on TV quite a bit in 1987 as chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee during the confirmation hearings for Robert Bork. He was much more widely known than the average senator in 1988.

And the Bork hearings also derailed his presidential bid to some extent, but you're right he was fairly well known. I'm saying that if Biden is at 4 and Hart is at 3, something is wrong. They could both be at 4, say, but there's no way Hart is less known than Biden after being second in 1984, front runner in 1987, and large sex scandal in 1987.

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New scenario featuring the candidacies of Dukakis, Jackson, Gore, Gephardt, Simon, Biden, Babbitt, Hart, Schroeder and optional Kenney and Cuomo for the Dems’

Bush, Dole, Robertson, Haig, Kemp, Rumsfeld and an optional Baker for the Reps’

Also has the Libertarian and New Alliance Parties.

May have some bugs left in it, so please feedback, and I can sort them out!

Sent to theoryspark, but emails here if you want it before they put it up on the website!







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Cheers for that gloomy, just in case i didn't read the post 1 inch above yours.

Here is the link for the fixed file. Dont download it though, id rather those who besmirch my efforts don't get the fun from the fruits of my work.


The link don't work for me. Send me to james_bond72@hotmail.com

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With Zion's permission (he's become too busy to do work on the scenario) I'm taking over development of 1988.

No new release is anticipated anytime soon as I have 1968 to finish, and other things to do, but I am starting work on 1988 with the aim to make it as realistic as possible (see this thread).

All people who have currently posted in this thread will be added to the email list for when I release a new version (email will come from electric.monk.ts@gmail.com).

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Zion, I thought I'd leave you some feedback since you asked when you first posted the scenario. I have to say it was a lot of fun.

I did my Kennedy Vs. Bush play-by-play thanks to your scenario. I made sure to give you some credit for it. ;)


Electric Monk is developing the scenarios to work out some bugs. My time is very limited. Glad you had fun with it. Who knows, with a bit of a tidy-up, they might even go official.

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