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1988 (With Ps)

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The Scenario has undergone some changes, and this will be hopefully the final version. If there are errors, please let me know.

Download via rapidshare at http://rapidshare.com/files/63790330/1988.zip.html

Reviews appreciated.


Bugs Fixed

GOP primary dates sorted

Gephardt bio

Spelling! (such a schoolboy)

Gun Crime / Immigration heading

Readjusted some of the numbers, this one is supposed to be difficult for the Dems to win…


Jim Traficant (D)

Lloyd Bentsen (D) (optional)

Pierre du Pont ®

Harold Stassen ®

Paul Laxalt ®

Ben Frenandez ®

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I had a fun one last night. I played Fulani. Vice President Bush was disheartened after losing a string of primaries to Pat Robertson and I convinced him to endorse me! Robertson fell apart and Dole won the nomination, then picked Bush as his running mate! I wound up with 21% of the vote and won Florida, Jesse Jackson won the popular vote at 37%, Dole won the electoral vote at 278 and 35% of the popular.

One issue, New Jersey's electoral votes are wrong and it throws off the total. NJ should be worth 16, not 6.

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