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1972 = Post Revolution

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sent this in to Anthony, hopefully he'll post it sometime


After the peaceful overthrow of the US Government, the Revolutionary Senate has declared an open election. Which Party can rise to the challenge of leadership in the first post-revolution election since 1789?


Abbie Hoffman, Revolution Party

Timothy Leary, Freedom Party

G. Gorden Liddy, American Patriot Party

Angela Davis, Communist Party



Ram Das endorses Psycho-Mysticism

Baptists Claim Divine Right To Lead

Scientists Say God Does Not Exist


//Former Administrations

Ex-CIA Agent Says US Assissinated Leaders

US Had Racial Policies Says Ex-FBI Director


//War & Weapons

Dow Chemical Admits Agent Orange Gaffe

Missile Co.'s Made Billions

Study Finds: War Kills People!


//Human Rights

Declaraion of Independence Says People Are Equal

Millions Starve In Africa

South Americans Plead For Democracy



People Need Jobs To Live, Economist Claims

Scientitsts Discover Food Grows On Trees


//Law and Order

Murder Rates On The Rise

Home Invasions Increase



Pope Says Money Is Root Of All Evil


//World Liberation

British And French Protestors Pack The Streets

Third World Counties In Need of Aid


//Free Love

Single Motherhood On The Rise!

Where Have All The Fathers Gone?


//Health care

Poll: Health Care Concerns Top Among Aged

Doctors: Sick People Die



Trees Valuable Resourse, Survey Finds

Drinking Water Polluted In Most Cities

Whales May Be In Contact With Aliens, Scientist Claims


//National Income

Poor People Desperate For Cash

Student Dies Of Starvation



US Trails Europeans In Mathematics

Historian: Knoweldge Is Power



Death And Taxes Certain For All Time

People Dislike Taxes, Poll FInds


//National Anthem

Singer Botches High Note During Anthem

Most People Want Change Of Anthem



Soviets Send Trade Delegation To Mexico

Workers Demand Fair Working Conditions


//Drug Use

Yogi: LSD Brings Transendental Awareness

Teen Dies In Heroin Overdose

Dr. Ruth: Marijuana Increases Sex Drive



Concerns About Unemployment



its an even 1/4 split for each party and so far I've never won outright w/ any of them, it seems to want to go to the House, where, oddly, the Comunists win!

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