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Australia 2007


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Ok, if anyone has been following Aussie politics, Howard is expected to/forced to drop the writs for a new election, no later than January 2008. Therefore, it's time to create a 2007 scenario.

Assuming that Howard puts this off as long as possible, I will set the election for the game for January 19, 2008.

The Set Candidates will be:

Liberal: John Howard

Labor: Kevin Rudd

National: Mark Vaile

Greens: Bob Brown

If it is possible to set PM Forever - AUS for more parties, I would then add in the next parties:

Australian Democrats: Lyn Allison

Family First: Steve Fielding

A rather sticky situation does exist however.

Liberal and National Coalition has 87 Seats, Labor 60. If the Labor party gains 16 seats, the majority goes to Labor. If Labor gets 14 or 15, they would have either 74 or 75. This presents a problem because there are two independents up for re-election. Should both win, (and Labor gets to 74 or 75 seats) these independents will literally hold the fate of the election in their hands.

But that is not the first step for right now. Right now I am gather pictures of the candidates, evaluating issues, and finding out who is running in the ridings.

If anyone is willing to help provide information, I would be quite glad to hear from you.

You can post here, or contact me at: kort.jackson@gmail.com

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Adam Carr has the best info available for this election on his website. Using wikipedia, it is not hard to find a link to it. Concerning the date, however, I believe that pundits are now betting on a date in October (10, I think). I think that this should be used.

Just to add to your speculative flavour, does anyone think Labor can actually win this one? I know Kevin Rudd is supposed to be good, but I think many people are asking, 'him and what army?' Labor doesn't have many heavyweights this side of the funny farm (sorry, Latham joke). It isn't that I expect Howard to come out ahead on the deal, but I honestly don't think that the Nationals will lose more than one or two seats and that the Liberals are more than capable of holding the damage to three or four seats. Let's not underestimate John Howard, he is the most experienced politician in Australia, and although he did not perform well in 2004, we cannot assume that he won't be brillant in October. I think that this is an important consideration, as it will add to the game feel. Now, there is some panick on the Liberal benches because the Co-alition hasn't been ahead in the polls since...well, practically forever (but what government isn't in this situation?) and there would be a strong urge to make a 2007 scenario 'unwinnable' for the Liberals. The truth is, a co-alition victory is entirely possible, though I wouldn't bet on it until I see the manifestos. Though I would hate to underplay the smaller parties in preference deals, I believe that it is established that when we add more than four parties to the mix (especially infitessimal ones), the game tends to stray towards the fallible. Also, most public opinion polls do not take third parties into account, making any attribution of support purely speculative on our part.

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Election Date to be set to October 10, 2007, until further notice.

Four party set-up. Aussie Dems and Family First only has seats in the senate (so do the Greens, but the Greens did win a house seat some time ago).

I will attempt to make this fairly even and accurate as possible, I will aim towards a very slim coalition lead set up (definitely less than 10), with seats that are within 5% being too close to call.

I now have several pictures of the party logos and candidates (Labor, Nationals and Greens have different variations than the ones used in the 2004 election). Next is to determine which subjects are still usable (ATSIC is no longer an issue, it got scrapped).

I also have some interest into possibly porting this to the British and or Canadian PMF. The decision on this is to be determined at a later point.

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The issues that I have considered thus far is as follows:

Key: Bold indicates the issue has been held over from the 2004 election

Italics indicates the topic was merged with another issue.

ANZUS Alliance

Broadband Internet (Replaces ATSIC)

Economy (expansion of original Tax System issue)

Environment (Replaces Old Growth Forests)

Foreign Relations (fills in empty slot left by merging of Illegal arrivals and Immi. Levels)

Free Trade

Health and Medicare

Immigration (Merged Illegal Arrivals and Immigration levels)

Industrial Relations

National Security

Native Title



Same-Sex Marriage

School Funding and Curricula (School Funding is 2004 issue, but expanded a bit)

Troops in Iraq

War on Terrorism

WorkChoices (Replaces Family Benefits)

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