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If the party wins but the PM loses his seat?


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I've had several games where I've played as the Bloc and the Liberals have won, sometimes, a majority government, but I've taken Martin's seat away.

I was just wondering...what would happen if this took place during a real election?

Would the leader of the party still be the PM, even though he doesn't have a seat, or would the GG ask the party that won the second-most number of seats to form the government?

Has this ever happened in Canadian history?

Wouldn't having the PM lose his seat be a confidence vote of some sort?

I guess the American equivalent would be if a President won the election, but didn't win his homestate. Has that ever happened?

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Okay I have a few questions, What happens if their is a tie in seats for two opposition parties for example

1. Liberals- 120 Seats

2. Conservatives-90

3. NDP-90


Just an example what would happen?

I believe that whoever is the current oppositon party would remain in that position. That happened after the 1993 election when the Bloc formed the official opposition but Reform ended up matching them in seat total through a number of by-elections. In that case, the Bloc retained the official opposition crown.

Having said that, I think it would be a cold day in hell before the NDP managed to win 90 seats. It'll never happen.

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parliamentary tradition says the party that had more seats last time around gets the status. in the event both parties were new, it would likely come down to popular vote, simpaly from public pressure, though you know the government of the day would try to spin things to their advantage

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