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loved playing yer senerios, yes!

bourbon drunk watching the classic film "Anatomy of a Murder" on video, and it occered to me -

you could rig this game to do some of the Great Trials of History! Scopes Monkey Trial, Leopold and Loeb, OJ Simoson (!),et al

map would be nuts, but you are good at that.

12 Regions, ie Jurors.......






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another idea for ya sir

Pope John Paul II can't last much longer, which means the Vatican will have to vote in a new Pope, in what I think is called a Conclave of the Cardnials. Probably a lot of obscure research, but hey, you are the man for obscure research.

think it is possible? be interesting. might want to wait for the Primary Version to come out though, cuz the way I understand it, a new Pope is never elected on the first ballot


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Wow those all sound cool. Unfortunately I'm really busy with College Applications right now. They all want a brilliant essay and I've got Calculus and Physics besides! I'm going to try to get some work done on The Age of Conquest at some point, although I don't know when. I've got a working map of the Atlantic but I need to go in and decide populations and electoral votes. So far I've got UK, Spain, France, Eastern Europe, and the 13 colonies done but it's very time consuming unfortunately. Thanks for the suggestions though, and I encourage someone else to try some of your ideas!

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