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1.15 updates for 1952, 1972, 1976, and 1988...

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I am on it (breezy as f**k here in St. Augustine, so my usual Saturday sit out on the deck and listen to football is a no-go ;o)

thanks to Paul (?) for removing Alaska, Hawaii and DC from my 1952 (ya didn't do the regional_images folder did ya? Huh? Pain in the ass, that is -why I didn't remove them in '48 and '52, just gave them, if you looked closely, zero electoral votes), I copied and pasted your folders!

I'll mess w/ electoral trends in '60 Avenger, if you want. I've won overwhelming w/ both canidates, so, I thought it worked. New graphics though, and maybe a tweek in the e-trends ....

1952 first, then 1972, 1976, and finally 1988. I did a 2000 but it never got posted, might re-visit it.

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Want to look at possibly adding a few of the also-rans from '76? The big two, at least in my mind, would be Jerry Brown and Scoop Jackson.

Also, with '72, Humphrey, Jackson, and Ed Muskie were strong opponents to McGovern.

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ok, I'm done (for awhile anyway). My never b4 seen 2000 scenerio is on its way.

issues are the same as '04 'cept School Prayer/Religion is included, as is the Lewinsky Affair and Missle Defense

four parties are on, McCain and Forbes are alternate Reps, Bradley is an alt. Dem

Nader and Buchanan, Green and Reform

enjoy (I hope)

thanks for your word of support!!!!

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